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Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2013

when i went to pick up smartie-pants for her vet visit..i couldn't find her. brian had left her confined in the house but that cat totally hates my guts (smarties thinks i am the crazy cat lady, just waiting to wreck her life.) she must have heard me come in and being a wiley little brat, she hightailed it off to some hiding place where i couldn't find her. i will have to re-book her appointment for when brian can take her in...she likes him, he doesn't inflict "rescue" on poor innocent cats.

marshmellow had his twice yearly lion cut...he looked so freaking cute!

then i took our resident, not so lucky to have foster homes guys in...marvin, river and judd.

marvin is going to need his convenia injections increased again for a bit..we will up him back to every two weeks for the next little while and see how his mouth does.

river has made very small improvements, but enough to keep going for another couple of weeks. i am so glad we did not have to euthanize him today...hopefully he will slowly keep improving until he looks and feels like a normal cat again.

judd had his toes and eyes eye drops, carrying on with his current toe soaks. he also had his phenobarb level checked. the results should be in tomorrow.

the vet came out to recheck gilbert...not good. he will come back again on Friday and until then we are to continue getting the eye meds in as often as possible (i think lex and Dionne are managing at least 4 times a day). but he will most likely take the eye out on Friday if there is not any real improvement...i have already given my permission if the vet thinks it is necessary cuz i will be back to work by Friday and not here.
i don't think i want gilbert out in the barnyards after an eye enucleation..(i am worried about fly season.) i am thinking of moving him into the rabbit room for the first few post surgical days. just not so sure he will fit in any of the pens..i will have to go out and measure. hopefully his eye will significantly improve and he won't need to have it out.

lexi had a couple of pretty easy but really good ideas for moving Crosby and her friend chickens out for the spring/summer weather. if it works out as good as it could..brent might be able to get things set up for them this weekend?? that would be so nice for them!

angel had her surgery...she is doing ok. she will be staying in overnight again for pain control and hopefully be coming home tomorrow.

i think that is pretty much it from today.


cheryl and stef

would a foal or mini fly mask work on gilbert for his eye if it does have to be removed.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Carol, if you have any specific chores for Brent please let him/us know so he can ensure he has the correct tools on hand and so he can get started on the chores as soon as possible in the morning.
I am bringing out my Kia - I have that rattan cat bed and the dog sofa bed to bring out for your guys. (I emailed you photos last week). If you know where you want them just let us know and we will make sure they get placed accordingly. MO / KO - we will bring fruits and veg for the barn guys. I have some yard sale items for Helga as well - collapsible big dog carrier, cat tree. I don't know why I buy stuff for my cat - she HATES everything - so Helga's yard sale will be the benefactor. I think I am to pick up some yard sale items left by Sheila as well that are in the shop.
If Gillie has surgery and is confined will he be allowed a tiny visit before we head out for the day on Sunday - I adore that goat.