Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2013

i realized that computer games like sim city and sim farm are so successful because we as humans like to create..we like to plan, a whole mini world of our own.

this is probably why i don't play these computer games..i have the reality version...sim-saints.

still thinking non stop about how to build that turkey/chicken summer area... i want dumbass easy, (cuz mo, tammy and i are going to try to build some of it today...) cheap (cuz we are getting really short of money)... and so it doesn't look like crap. like all die hard sim-simmers..i like things to be nice to look at.

what is the point of building a mini world if it ends up not really working all that well AND looking like shit?

bottom line tho..the reality version absolutely has to actually work. Crosby and jingles and fluff the classy chick want a good, comfortable and safe summer home for the spring/summer seasons.

i wish it was as easy as picking what we need from a list and just pressing "enter"...if we could have built saints like that, life would have been so much easier!


Ann C

Hi Colleen that is very generous of you, cheques generate the most funds as there are no fees but for some people paying on-line is more convenient, which ever way your guests chose to donate thank you and them from all of us.

Brigid Coult

I've just voted in the Shelter Challenge again. SAINTS was leading in Canada for the longest time - and suddenly it's not there on the chart at all. What's happened?

colleen b

Hey All!

I know this is a strange place to make this request, but I also know it's a good way to get an answer :)

I'm getting married this summer and would like our guests to make donations to SAINTS in lieu of gifts. My question - what is the best way for them to do this? Mail a cheque? Pay pal? CanadaHelps? I know some of those options take a commission so I will direct people in which ever way equals the most money for SAINTS.

Bunny Horne

Don't forget that you have that raised off the ground dog house in the shop under the stairs that you can use if need be. It's supposed to be easy to construct and looks pretty - SIM-SAINTS sweet.