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i'm still bitchin...

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2013

I remember the very first time that I realized that health care was in big was about 15 years ago. I was working a really busy, understaffed floor and the powers that be decided to give us 2 clinical resource nurses to support and educate us instead of more bedside staff. on one particular day, we were running our asses off and there was not a CRN to be found. I ran into them in the cafeteria, they were laughing and joking and in really good moods. I asked them where they had been all morning and they said they had a four hour meeting with a bunch of high up in health care people...what was the meeting about? renaming body bags...because the term body bags wasn't respectful enough.

ok well maybe this is true..but how respectful is it to leave 40 living patients without enough staff to care for them well?

since then the meetings about whatever have grown bigger, more frequent, much more involved and mostly just as care has so many meetings about changing things for the better that the actual health care for patients has gotten even worse. they have spent the last couple of years having meetings, upon meetings on processes on how to report and prevent the increasing number of bedsores....don't need a 20 meetings for that...make sure you have enough properly trained staff to freaking turn and reposition bedridden people every couple of hours.

I am sorry that sometimes I get pissy...but honestly human priorities are totally screwed. who gives a shit where the god damn to do list is..the important thing is that there are things on it to do.
lets not turn saints into our current health care system cuz if we do the animals are totally screwed.


Sharon K

I hear you Carol. I had to take early retirement as I just couldn't handle it anymore and I was only working in one of the support areas.