Rescue Journal

it finally occured to me that....

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2013

I irritate the crap out of daphne. don't get me wrong, that little dog loves me but I drive her insane at bedtime with my up and down shit. I thought for the last little bit that she was mad at me about something..or heaven forbid, she stopped loving me. I thought this because, she no longer comes to bed when I climb into bed..she no longer rushes to claim her special place parked up close beside me. I call her and I call her and she refuses to come..i found this so very upsetting. but once I was asleep she would somehow sneak in because she was always right where she belonged whenever I woke up.

and last night I finally got it. I woke up and there again she was. but then I couldn't fall back to sleep because my arm was really hurting. I kept changing position, getting up to take something for pain..getting up again when that didn't work to take something else and flipping from side to side inbetween...and that little minx started growling at me.

I was disturbing her sleep...big time.

so now I get it..daphne still loves me and she has found a solution to my irritating restlessness at night. she is sleeping elsewhere until she thinks I am out for the night. once she decides I am down for the count and less likely to be dicking around..then she will come to bed and cuddle up against me because then I won't be annoying her and keeping her awake with my flipping around.

ah very own self actualizer and problem solver extraordinaire. sorry babe...somehow I forgot that bedtime is about your comfort too.