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Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2013

I just need one more bag of grass seed and a load of gravel and I think we have everything to complete our yearly spring grounds repairs. combine winter and a bunch of four footed folks thundering around in the snow/wet..add in some excavation and a couple of new buildings with big trucks in and out and the ground under all of our feet takes an absolute beating.

I will say tho that either I am gettng better at the actual repairs OR the bases that we have so well built on and cared for are finally getting strong enough for withstanding the winter weather better. in any case fixing it all and putting it back together seems to be easier this is still pretty expensive but, I don't have to hire the heavy equipment to do it all this year and that's saving us a couple of thousand bucks so I am happy about that.

brent did a great job on the new spring/summer crippled turkey/chicken area...tomorrow I will finish the outside ground work and we can finally move them out of the rabbit room and into the fresh air...yay!
I did splurge a bit and bought some bushes and things to landscape around the outside still looks like a bombed out construction zone from the barn build last fall but for a couple of hundred dollars I can fix it so not only does it not look so bad...but hopefully it will provide a bit of shade to the outside pen next year once the plants grow a bit.

I have to say Monday-Friday mornings are much easier for me...I have 9 less dogs to feed, 6 less sets of critical meds that I have to do before running out the door for work. just me and the diabetics to worry about this morning, the staff take care of everything else.
still..i better get moving, the clock is ticking....

hope everyone has a good day.



Carol what time do you want me in on Wednesday? I'm still not sure what I'm going to be doing lol, hopefully we can chat for a bit and figure out what times ill be working and where. Thanks :)