Rescue Journal

just because i am polite doesn't mean i am not pissed off.

Carol  ·  May 2, 2013

it was a long mind bending day...I toured a group of 30 vet assistant students thru this morning before I left for my afternoon shift, I picked up nicky from the vets on my dinner break and ran her home, discussed desi and cindy with our other vet on the phone plus the usual stuff involved in being a home care nurse on an evening shift in the community.

by the time I pulled into the driveway at 9:45pm..i was damn tired. not too happy to find an unknown van on site when I got home. a woman got out and told me her friend was on the tour today and took a picture of her lost dog who apparently got out of the yard a year ago and was never found again.
she said she has left me multiple emails, phone messages and been here this evening several times hoping to catch someone here and shoving notes in the doors. oh freaking yay..the dogs must have been having a hay day with the phone ringing constantly and someone tromping around in the dark all over the freaking place.

I asked which dog? she said a red and white border collie..i said we don't have any of those. she pulled up a picture on her phone of jesse. I said jesse is an 18 yr old retriever cross, surrendered by his family here 4 years ago. they had adopted him from the spca 8 years before that and he came in with a cage muzzle due to biting..did that sound like her dog?

she said no but could she come in and see him just to make sure?

10pm at night and I am going to let some strange unknown very impatient person who is grasping at some pretty far fetched straws into my house to upset all the dogs?
I think not.

I said come back tomorrow..she said she can't come back until after 2pm. I said that's no good because I will be back to work again and not home until almost 10 pm.

we agreed on Saturday morning, but she has to be here before noon. she left, disappointed in her quest tonight to find her missing dog from a year ago. I came in to settle the dogs and feed and give out the bedtime meds and insulins while shaking my head because rescue is such a freaking unbelievable screwed up, very weird world that apparently is open and eagerly ready for business 24 hours a day.



ok..hint to every pet loving person who loses a pet...10pm is not an appropriate time to be camped out on anyones door step...suck it up and wait until morning...jesse has been here for 4 years..i am sure he will still be here the next day too.


I have to say that if I lost a dog & someone who knew my dog gave me a possible lead..if there was even the teeny weeniest chance.. I'd probably be camped outside too and would need to see for myself. My guess is that once she receives Nicoles E-mail & goes to the Blog to see other pictures of Jesse she won't come on Sat.

A year is a long time, I hope she finds her dog one day..or is somehow able to move past it


Could she be a loving pet owner who is very distraught over losing her dog and is trying to follow up any lead?


lol..I don't think it is anything so sinister as spying or lying. more like just the hysteria of youth..the need for instant satisfaction/gratification mellows a bit once we start to mature and learn to be patient and problem solve less dramatically.

here is the good news tho..Nicole got the emails and responded with jess's original link (and FYI'd me with her response)..i remembered his incoming age wrong. he came in at 12 yrs old not 14... so jess is only 16..not 18. since i have already decided that jess will still be here at 18 yrs old...that means he should live another couple of years!
my apologies for the misinformation, jesse is not yet as old as I led everyone to think.


odd? its fucked! so was it a coincidental case of mistaken identity or purposeful spying? either way, at least 2 ppl think we are liars. fabulous.