Attention Animals Loving Gardeners ....

Jenn  ·  May 4, 2013

The first weekend of the huge annual plant sale is finally here! All proceeds to benefit three local animal charities including SAINTS!

The sale will is 9am to 3pm for this weekend and next weekend (May 4-5 and May 11-12) at 32965 4th Avenue, Mission BC

photo PlantSaleMay20131.jpg

I would also like to thank everyone who voting daily for SAINTS in the Petfinders challenge to help us win a $1,000 grant!

As well, big thanks to all who voted for us in the Nature's Bounty $50,000 voting challenge too! While we did not win any of the prizes, there are some incredible and well deserving charities that did and I am sure that there are many more people that are now aware of what we do and the value of senior animals!



The baskets at the plant sale are really lovely and there are all kinds of neat perennials. And some interesting stuff like hops which I would have loved but have nothing to train it on. A pillow stuffed with dried hops is supposed to make you sleep well.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I picked up a patio umbrella yesterday at V.V. - it's red and white and says Canada on it. I know that we go through a few umbrellas during the summer. We will bring it out tomorrow. Is there an enclosure you would like it to go to Crosby, Brad, etc? We can get it secured to one of the enclosures if you say where.