Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 4, 2013

I was supposed to be off today but work is down 4 nurses so I need to go in for a few hours of overtime to help out. not rushing to get in there tho...I have a few things that have to get done around here first.

bo is an idiot...he is eating a puffy cat bed..thinks it is a big donut stuffy i guess. I am too tired to do anything about it plus it is too late anyway... the bed is already totally wrecked.

both cindy and desi are home from the vets..looks like gut issues for both of them..their kidney's are fine. might be either underlying cancers or something as simple as IBS. we will see how they do on some flagyl for a few days. so glad I did not follow that locum vets advice and just put desi down. this is why I am so dependent on our regular vets..i understand and trust them. it is not just about the obvious like our guys are old and is about the possibilities of maintaining the actual daily quality of their lives. sometimes we are too quick to just assume that old means soon to be dead. not necessarily..not all old, suddenly dehydrating cats have bad kidneys..they might have something treatable instead.

whiggy and jet both got shaved at the vets...they came in matted in feb. and we have just not been able to do anything about it. jet is shy and whiggy is a wing-nut so they had to go in and be sedated to clean them both up really well. they look pretty cute...esp. whiggy. jet is still a big cat and but wiggy is even tinier than I thought underneath all of her hair. it still gets a bit chilly at night but I think it is warm enough that they should do ok naked...I hope.

thx for a second night of checking on our guys and letting them all out lynne...the house was still clean when I got home and that was really nice!

lexi picked up three maple trees for us. I want to plant them to eventually provide shade for a couple of the barn yard pens. hopefully I can dig them in tomorrow before my afternoon shift begins.

brent...we are going to need the air conditioners set up in all of the usual places before it gets too hot again. if you have time next day you are here,....can it please go onto your list please and thx?
poor brent..a never ending list of handyman shit needed around here!

I am pretty damn happy with how the back yard and memorial garden are looking and renee and erin did an awesome job on de-junking and tidying up the kitchen yesterday. just 20 thousand more things to get done on the before open house to-do list. it is a continuous work in progress but I am happy to see progress so that is good.

baby steps actually can get you somewhere!

well...I guess I better get dressed and move a few baby steps of my own altho really I would prefer just to sit here.



Millie is the same. She just had a twice yearly shave and now looks half the size. And totally cute.