Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 6, 2013

hilda checked out well at her follow up vet visit...will keep up with her current meds for now.

I planted a tree and a vine today...tree 2 and 3 can wait til tomorrow.

I got part of the picnic table stained and sealed today...will finish the rest of that tomorrow too.

I also went shopping at shade umbrellas for the pig pens, new mop heads, a couple of watering cans, some stuff for the septic system, the wood stain and a few other things to finish off my current tidy up projects around here.

tammy took me out for a late lunch, it was a nice way to end off the day.

this is the 6001th post on the blog since august 2006..holy beasties batman..that is insane!!!!

oh well no one can accuse us of not keeping the blog up to date!

new incoming tomorrow...I am taking in the dog of a good friend of my son. not going to blame them...they have two little kids two years and under and an insane, pain in the ass, always in some kind of really big trouble....beagle from hell. jake is driving them right around the bend..beagles are good at that...busy little buggers.
believe it or not..i am still really missing copper.
we should be an interesting match.
wonder which of us will hold the upper hand here?
anyway..jake will probably arrive tomorrow evening...if the little one is over his fever..if not... jake will most likely arrive in the next couple of days.
I hope he is not quite as bad as copper...good lord! what if he is worse??? one could be badder than copper...could they???



thx michelle..that's great!

they managed ok with jake for the first few years before the kids came but with 2 little ones now it has gotten to be more than they can deal with. I first talked to them about jake 2 years ago and gave them a few suggestions. but really with beagles it basically comes down to...they are who they are and if they are one of the really busy ones, you just have to learn how to constantly outsmart them. they are the proverbial opportunistic self centered, greedy, four footed madman of the K9 world, determined to get what they want.

shelagh f

Walt Disney made a movie about a boy and a beagle, and
my son wanted a beagle. I did too, not too big not too
small, short hair. Looked great. Did some investigating
and talked to a few breeders and after that, I thought
no way. Fort Knox yard, never off leash will follow
any scent and need to be busy. Great dogs but....
I have read stories about Copper and the daisy hat.
Do you still have it? I'm sure it was not quite the
right dog for a young family. Must be chaos right now.


Hey Carol, I have some more rocks and a stepping stone with a kitty on it and a funky tree root ( it really is cool) for you but I don't want to disrupt anyone, if you want won't hurt my feelings if you say no, but I just wonder when I could bring it to you. It's in the same wheelbarrow as before in the same spot.


beagle paws has helped us in the past..once I get to know him and his issues, I will for sure be in contact with them. beagles are a breed apart...1/4 stubborn mule..1/4 dennis the menace...1/4 food guided missile and 1/4 hell hound. I have a special place in my heart for them. copper really taught me how to be a better parent to my human kids.


I knew 2 beagles from hell....No offense to beagle owners...but I will NEVER own one!