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Carol  ·  May 8, 2013

max feels betrayed..i left him at the vets, they made him go to sleep and he woke up missing 10 of his teeth.
he says he has been robbed!

jake is doing ok...we had a bit of an issue first thing this morning..he tried to steal angel's canned food. she got mad, he got mad back and I had to pull them apart before any blood was shed.
note to myself...when doing meds and diabetics, jake gets shut into the big dog room.

renee has shaved down both ewok and benny..benny looks like a giant egg with a fuzzy tail, head and 4 fuzzy feet.

I find it interesting that there are 350 unique hits on the blog every day yet the comments are so few. I am wondering how many of those hits are spammers and if a lot of them are..why am I bothering to update them every day???



I too read your blog every morning with my coffee. I am so grateful and in awe of what SAINTS does for our senior friends. I look forward to coming to the open house this year and finally meeting the whole cast of characters. Keep on blogging Carol!


I check in every morning with my morning coffee :) Vote faithfully when the opportunity arises.


Yours is the very first website I go to whenever I log on - I have SAINTS in my toolbar with my other favorite sites. I can't read anything else until I check on the status of your pack.

Keep writing Carol, we're all out there reading!


Nicole, very sorry to read that Sandy is close to her final journey (((hugs))) to you & your folks. She was such a lucky dog to have been a cherished member of your family. May her passing be peaceful & the memories bring a smile to all you, once the pain of her loss has passed.


I read your blog obsessively, Carol. :) Since I can't get out there very often, it helps me feel connected. Then, when I am out, I recognize the new animals and know their stories because of the blog.


I always read it, I love the animals I have never met and you are my inspiration of how to be a better person. Even my kids comment about Saints. Don't stop!



Animals in shelters are, mostly, invisible to the public. Your blog brings the issue, and the animals' daily lives, into the full light of day. If the people who view your blog take the information, lessons and emotions they experience here into their daily lives, it makes every single word you write more valuable than gold. Please don't stop blogging because few people comment. As evidenced by the comments today there are LOTS of us reading! Thank you, Carol.


not to worry ali..I used to be able to look at who was on line and see where they geographically were located but then I forgot how do it so I don't anymore! now all I can see is unique hits and total hits for the day..have no idea where any of them come from anymore.


haha- your blog is my home page on both my work and home computer... i can't even imagine how many times a day my IP address shows up - but it must be A LOT!


I'm on here every day too! I just don't comment often and I've learned a lot about care for senior cats as 3 of my 5 cats are now over 10 years old and the other 2 are 8 this year. Thank you for your posts and you are definitely appreciated, just sometimes silently.


I like to read the blog a few times a week. We are monthy donors/saints, and just like to keep up to date with all the great work you are doing for the animals.

I'm amazed how much effort you put into the blog - it is very good.

Pam in Nashville, TN

All of the above, me too! :)

I do check several times a day. I don't want to miss anything going on in your world Carol. Thank you to you and everyone at Saints for all you do.

another Doreen

I also check into your blog several times a day but I try not to comment unless I have something intellligent or meaningful to say.
I also like your blog as it downloads quickly and fills my need to feel connected to other living beings without taking too much time away from the things I should be doing.
And I admire your ability to put your thoughts and animal updates into words so quickly and well! And to often be entertaining as well!
Thank you and please carry on blogging!


I read two or three times a day. I like to know what's going on with the fur babies and to be aware on my day of volunteering. I don't always comment, as sometimes I think you have so much to do and don't want to be bothered having to read all the comments.


I'm definitely a spam-filled robot, but I read what you put up almost every day :)


I check your blog multiple times a day but sometimes I miss a few days in a row and by then you have moved on to other subjects. I also generally do not post a response as usually someone else has already posted my sentiments.


I check first thing in the morning too, and throughout the day. I love the stories and the photos - sometimes I cry, sometimes I think "Hmmmm, that's interesting". Sometimes it triggers a memory, for example our first pet when I was growing up, was a beagle named Mitzy. She was an escape artist too, and the stories about Copper made me laugh.
I don't always comment either but I always read.

How's Hilda by the way?

Chris T

I read twice a day and rarely comment. However, I learn a great deal particularly when you have to make really difficult decisions like Fletch.


Ditto me too for all these comments, SAINTS & Carol's blog are part of my day...

pam in Oz

I also am a real person and I wish I could come to your trivea nigths, but its a bit too far.
I feel I know all the animals, please dont stop blogging about SAINTS

pam in Oz

I also am a real person and I wish I could come to your trivea nigths, but its a bit too far.
I feel I know all the animals, please dont stop blogging about SAINTS

pam in Oz

I also am a real person and I wish I could come to your trivea nigths, but its a bit too far.
I feel I know all the animals, please dont stop blogging about SAINTS


I read every day but have never commented. You and the volunteers are an inspiration and restore my faith in humankind.
I have never been to Saints but your blog makes me feel like I have known you and all the animals for years. What you do is amazing - all the more power and blessings to you!

Karen N.

I try to read your blog everyday and enjoy hearing about all the animals. I'm not much of a writer so I don't comment, but your skills with writing and describing all that is happening at SAINTS makes me appreciate and admire all you do for the animals. As with some of the other comments there are many days that I laugh and many that I cry. It is easy to become attached to these animals that have so much to give. Please keep it up.


Ditto to a lot of the others comments. I check in a few times a day to my favourite real life drama. It makes me laugh, cry and think - what tv or other drama could engage better. And it's reality! Please don't stop blogging - I'm sure there are many many others like me out there

Paula C

I read your blog every day but rarely comment. My hubby and I are monthly donors, so I appreciate reading about the trials and funny episodes that go on at SAINTS! Please keep blogging regularly for all of our sakes.


Ps, the spammers don't usually count as unique viewers on the counter. So you should really expect a lot more people to comment here saying they are real people!


As you know I always read but rarely comment. If I have anything to say you usually get a phone call at an inconvenient time instead! I'm sure you'd prefer the comment...
FYI, as an unrelated aside we are probably going to euthanize Sandy next week.


I like many others check in at least twice a day, but may not comment. My favourite time is early morning when I am curled up with Yoda & Jedi and we catch up on the happenings (happy & sad) of their/my Saints family. Then there are your blogs that makes me stop and think or digest the lesson I have just been taught. I am one of many that truly looks forward to all your blogs – Thank You!


I check your Blog every day morning and evening (and sometimes more often) but I don't comment very often. There are lots of us avid readers of your blog out here.


I generally read it twice a day and don't always comment. I thought you were so busy that commenting all the time might be a pain in the butt!

Ian and Mary

Another non-spammer here! Maybe Lola is logging on to check on her bed buddy friends...


I check in every am and pm to see how everybody is doing religiously but don't comment often. Please keep blogging and please tell Ziggy that Auntie Suzanne sends love and hugs from afar.

Cathy Thomas

I read regularly and sometimes laugh and sometimes cry. Please keep updating the blog.


Hi Carol, I read your blogs every day, sometimes I revisit older blogs too. I admit, that maybe I cannot respond out of sadness, happy tears, or loss of words. But I love your blogs and knowing what is going on with you and the animals I love so much.


I check the blog twice a day. I agree with everyone's comments - it makes me laugh, cry, think, even analyze myself sometimes! It's great to get daily updates and know what's happening before we come in on the weekend. And if I have an opinion on something, I'll comment for sure.


There may be spammers ... but there are LOTS of us who dependably check in on you and the critters.

And we appreciate hearing about all of it.


I was away for a few days but I do try to comment when I'm not crying.... Sometimes tears of laughter. LOVED your Copper story. :) And I too read every night!
Please never stop!
I know my dad reads every night too, as he is the one who introduced me to your site. And he doesn't comment.


I read your blog everyday / check a few times a day to see updates, rarely ever leave a comment. Enjoy hearng about the animals :)


Ditto the above comments!!! I love the way you write about all the goings on around there - makes me laugh, makes me cry. Btw, I'm very happy to hear about Ewok-I tried again to brush her, but she just curled up half under ur bed and so I just brushed what I could lol which wasn't much!


I like to read the updates, and with you being so extra busy lately, I don't like to take up your time. But, I must ask-- how is Daphne doing?

Barbara T

I also check in each day to read your Blog, and do not comment. Not spam


Speaking just for myself, I check in a couple of times a day to see what's happening with the critters and to find out if there is something new we are supposed to do or watch out for. And also to find out if there is an emergency situation that requires more bodies on the ground.

shelagh f

I'm not a spammer. I always read daily with interest.
Please bother. Sometimes think about responding, but
people read this for you and the animals, not me.
That's what I think