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griffin died in the car on the way to the vets.

Carol  ·  May 11, 2013

Edited by Jenn ...

I was very sad to hear this morning that Giffin passed away today when my mom left me a voice mail.

I think Griffin came to SAINTS in the winter of 2009. The first picture I have of him is dated January 15, 2010 and in it he looks like a tough little bugger. But really he was all noise and teeth and no bite. I never saw him bite another dog but he sure as shit growled and barked at them a lot. I think he was over compensating for his tiny stature and his lack of sight. The first time I met him was the day he arrived. He was brought to saints by a foster mom of another rescue. She really loved him but he was apparently a biter. Again, I have never seen him bite another dog or person. He bit my rubber boot tho. On the first day I met him, i don't know why but I shoved my rubber boot in his face and he bit the shit out of it. Stupid rubber boot deserved it if you ask me! But he sure had a soft side. He used to like to try to climb right up to my shoulders and rub his face on my face.


Here is a video that I (Jenn) had made when I was doing the animal videos to help them find homes. I did this on Feb 2011. It was call Griffin: So bad he's good.

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Also, here is a little write up i did about him when I decided that he was one of my favorites call the Princess and the Prick

Giffin was at saints for over three years and I have close to 300 pictures of him. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is one of my most recent photos of Griffin from last weekend. He takes a great portrait.
photo griffin5.jpg

He had the best ears ...
photo griffin7.jpg

He has very small but he could stand tall ...
photo griffinpugslycarol2.jpg

photo griffin13.jpg

photo griffin4.jpg

photo griffin3.jpg

Bye Griffin. I am going to really miss you little bony bugger!



So sorry to read this tonight. Was away at a ball tournament and didn't get my daily fix of the blog. RIP Griffin.


Sorry To Hear About Another Loss & One That The Both Of You Loved Aside From The Loss All I Have To Say Is Great Job On The Vid. One Question Too, Was He Blind When He Came To Saints?


So sorry, he was such a character. He startled me many times when I went to straighten up his bed and he was tucked away in the pillowcase.

Carol Ann

I loved that little guy, so much character. Rip little big man.You will be missed.


So sorry to hear this, Carol. Not a good day for you. We will miss the little guy. RIP sweetheart.


:( I'm so sorry for you all! RIP little man! You had the heart (and ears) of a giant! ;) xoxoxo

Janice ter Borg

I am so sorry to hear that Griffin passed away. Hugs to you all.


Oh that's so very sad.

What a wee little character, his personality shines through in the photos.

That's heartbreaking.


i am so very sorry carol. i will miss him hiding under the covers in the playpen and snarling when you did not know he was there while trying to change it. he was quite the little character. willl miss him. rip honey

shelagh f

oh, how awful for you both. Very tough to go on
with your day at work