Rescue Journal

not so happy mothers day

Carol  ·  May 12, 2013

not a happy camper...someone plugged the house toilet, left the handle stuck down in the running position so when the toilet overflowed, it kept overflowing til it flooded the bathroom, the hallway and both the back bedrooms. since no one told me there was a problem, I didn't discover it for a couple of hours.

it was a huge cleanup..i used every dry towel in the house which of course I now have to wash/dry and fold again. luckily jenn came halfway thru and helped. she brought over one of the dehumidifiers to try to dry and save the floors from rotting or lifting.

since the house bathroom is supposed to be off limits, it made the whole thing suck even more.

people flush all kinds of stuff down that toilet..the dirty gravel filled water from the outside cat run, paper towels, swept up cat litter, bowls of dry dog and cat drives me insane. is over and done now but I am thinking of putting an outside lock on that door so it never happens again.

I swear some days I would just like to start drinking, and drinking and drinking til everything here becomes a big blur.


Barb H

I'm with Dionne, on top of all you've had this week, to end it with a backed up toilet. Bring on the alcohol!


Well.... I'm sorry it sucked.... But on behalf of the 120 some fur kids you have, Happy Mothers Day Carol! If anyone deserves a day devoted to appreciation for all they do, it's you! I know every animal there would say I Love You and Thank You if they could!
Big Giant hugs to you!

Bunny Horne

Those clips cost $5 each every time they have to be replaced. You've bought tons of them. Brent and KO have both used their own $$$ to replace clips as well. Maybe Brent should wire all the clips to the actual doors (like he did in the rabbit room) so that the clips can't be lost. It's on his TO DO list.


I took the clip off his door last night because one of the horse stall clips was missing...sadly it was a choice between gilbert and ziggy...ziggy won the biggest risk contest! ko said all the clips are back in the right places today...yay!


Carol FYI, Gilbert can open his stall, the little bigger was in with chewy when we got on site this morning, he got put back in and immediately leaned over and opened his stall again, there is a clip now on his latch.


dad said we should have wet/dry vacuumed the basboards and stuff ... oh well too late now. Sorry your mother's day wasn't better :( but at least we got our garlic fest on!

Bunny Horne

OMG - that is your only safe haven and private place on the entire property. I would have cried my guts out. I have had that happen and I DID cry my guts out. Brent says put a lock on it - similar to the one that is on the shop where you key a secret code so you don't need to worry about a key. If you need a lock picked up let Brent know - he will get one this week.