Rescue Journal

another day beginning.

Carol  ·  May 14, 2013

saints always feels so empty after a death. it's weird because we are not even close to empty, there are still more than 30 dogs here. but there were 4 dogs out of here this past week or so...NICKI and mumford to family homes, griffin and cooper to where ever all of us will eventually go.

each one required something uniquely their own from me, maybe that is why I miss them so keenly.

anyway...all of them really good old souls, so glad I got to know and love them and be part of their life journeys.

it worries me tho...this real attempt in letting our numbers naturally fall to more manageable levels. what is happening in the pounds and the shelters to the ones who need some place like saints? is it quiet out there without too many wrecked and unadoptables coming in? are they finding other alternatives? are some of them ending their lives there?

don't know...not asking out loud..the gates are basically still closed for a little while yet. saints has to be to the point where if something happens to me tomorrow, someone can easily step in to take over.

cuz here is the thing...I have 20 years under my belt in terms of rescuing stretching. I am pretty damn good at making myself and saints stretch and stretch to fit just one more old, sad, wrecked being in. I will figure out some way to make us help every single old soul we possibly can.
and in some very real practical ways...this is not a good thing.

there is only so much space here, there is only so much money, there are only so many bodies willing and available to care for them all.

saints was supposed to be a model for what is and can be possible..and as much as I want it to was never really meant to be the answer for everyone who needed just one last open door before the end of their road.

if I could afford it...I would buy saints some place bigger and better. but this tiny 3 acres with it's tear down house and dirt floored outbuildings was all I could afford. and we have fixed it up and renovated til each building can serve a real, true and compassionate purpose. these buildings and fields are not just empty, useless shells, taking up space in the world.

still..i wish they were bigger.

oh well..if wishes were reality... I would rule the world.

not much in terms of updates...a few medical things from yesterdays vet visit but mostly we just did medical updates and rechecks.

I think the dogs were a bit off last night...esp. mystic and jake. they climbed into bed and velcro'd themselves to me. it most likely had to do with coopers death...the young are more likely to be worried by it. the old guys just seem to know that this is how life eventually ends.

maybe we have all been around this block a few times too is not just me and the staff and is the animals too. life is not just about living, it is about the final moments too.

arghh..I feel a maudlin mood descending on me..time to get dressed and get back to the biggest thing going on around here, and that is living.



thanks for an update, Carol. so good to know he's fostered by a SAINTS volunteer. i'm really thankful to you, Dawn and everyone at SAINTS for keeping that charming little guy happy.


mumford is out in permanent foster care with saints volunteer dawn...his heart is too bad to put him up for adoption but this way he still gets a really great home!


Update on Sam and Leah. Leah visited Dr. Loff today and he says she is doing great. It is going to be a slow recovery...actually months, but one day at a time. Sam came with us because he doesn't let Leah out of his sight, I think he feels the last time he looked away she was gone for two weeks!
Thanks Brent for putting together the X-pen on the deck so Leah can enjoy the sunshine.
Lucky us!


Who is the lucky vet that took Nicki ?? I am going to miss her busy yappy bossy tail waggin bark face off ways...but happy she has the chance for a home of her own.


I am absolutely convinced that the animals know when someone isn't coming back. Years ago I went through a very difficult (and expensive) year doing anything/everything possible to keep my beloved IBD Sheltie alive longer. Multiple, like 2x a month, trips to the vets, the vet schools etc willing to try anything to buy her, and me, more time. Each time we came home the other dogs went about their business of staying the hell out of her Alpha Princess way. The last time I took her she did not come home with me and when I walked in the door without her I knew within about 15 seconds that ALL of them knew she was not coming home again. they were all SO different in their demeanors... I don't know how they knew, but I know for certain that they did.


It would only take one of us to win big, to make Carol's life a lot more comfortable!!
By the way, the adorable "Rabbitat" picture hanging on the wall in the bunny room is courtesy of our talented human Bunny...

Bunny Horne

Oh how I WISH and dream that you have more space and better facilities and more $$$ to do all that you wish/want/need to do.
I buy you lotto tickets religiously. I got tired of sending you emails saying here's your numbers, only for the Lotto Gods to not cast $10 your way. One year I was in a golf pool for the British Open. I had two teams, one I picked, one my cat picked. My cat's team won the pool and I took home a couple of hundred $. So tonight I will give my current kitty the opportunity to pick the SAINTS RESCUE lottery numbers and I will play those weekly. I'm pretty sure my cat has better luck than I do, she is after all retired and living like a princess while I slave each day.