Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 14, 2013

between the hotplate, electric fry pan and the toaster oven..each needed to complete each took me like two hours to make a dumbo easy simple pasta dish.

erin seems to think it is now safe to replace the stove which would make cooking much faster.
I dunno..conan and tang are still pissing around.

I had an update on NICKI...she is having housetraining issues, which is a problem. jess is going to give it some more time for NICKI to figure it out. not sure that she will...maltese are sometimes just like that.

anyway I had a chuckle when jess said she wanted to use positive reinforcement so what kind of treats did she like...apples, carrots, broccoli?..she said she tried a gluten free cracker but NICKI spat it out and then smashed it to death with her foot.
big sigh....lets not forget where she came from. NICK might have only been here for a few weeks but it was long enough to learn about oreo's, cake and mcdonalds...I am pretty sure she was totally serious when she smashed that freaking gluten free cracker to smithereens.

she also said that for some reason NICKI starts mooing like a cow at 5 am. ok,...she is confused by the move and her time is a little mixed up. it is supposed to be 6 and she is not actually mooing, it is the maltese version of howling.
6 am every morning is the saints howling choir practice...odie is the lead soprano singer and NICKI was the eager back up alto.

dawn left me a message...apparently mumford bit her when she tried to shove his pills down his throat. he is now eating again. so his meds can go into his food again and both dawn and mumford are very happy about that!

I let everyone pop into the kitchen while I was cooking...renee and erin made them all go back to my room. and this is why the dogs all love me because I don't have time to go back to the bedroom rules.

jake had his vet check...they pulled blood and once it is back I will book him in for a dental. while he is under we might as well repair that cherry will probably make him look more adoptable.

you know...shep was a backyard dog living with a very elderly man for many years. I highly doubt he was ever spoonfed in his entire life so why the hell does he insist on spoon feeding here????? that dog is so odd...he really doesn't like to be touched but he follows you around like a shadow and he has to be spoonfed every freaking meal..i think he is completely confused.

that's it for the updates...I think everyone tonight is doing pretty good.



FYI, Carol!
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Chris T

Tell Jessica I can explain to her how to toilet train a senior. I am an expert. Little dogs are the worst.


LOL thanks for the gluten-free cracker stomp chuckle! That was awesome. Too often I'm crying over your posts...I love the stories that make feel like I'm there surrounded by all those wonderful characters you spend your days with.
I know how incredibly difficult your life in rescue is (or I can try to imagine) but there are times when I think you also may be the luckiest woman alive to share your life with these special creatures.


That little bugger Mumford...he's got tricks galore. It took me half a can of cat food this morning to get all his pills in him. He would suck all the food off and spit out the pill, over and over again. Crafty! His trick this evening is taking a cookie running around like a freak throwing it up in the air, grabbing it again and throwing it...did it 3 times before he ate it. Are all pekes like this? He's a hoot.

Oh and he sleeps like a rock so combine that with a bad heart and I've had some moments. Lol


lol...ooops...yes nicki! soon I forget!!!

i went back and fixed it!


oh, and the choir practice is AWESOME! ok, so im not the one that gets woken up to it, but sometimes they get going for brekky and i love it!


you can get a remote switch installed inside a cupboard to prevent your stove from being accidentally turned on.


yeah....who the fuck is kristi? i keep picturing lauras little one eyed poodle....


Is kristi nicki? That's hilarious about shep coz he won't just eat off a spoon for just anyone - nooooo it has to be you!!