Rescue Journal

i am on the early morning shift so...

Carol  ·  May 15, 2013

not much of a post.

let me just say that tina is freaking insane!

everyone just gets to see the quivering, please pick me up and carry me around, crippled curly haired, itsy bitsy spider.

but man that little dog can kick my ass in bed when we play. she is all teeth and whapping feet and she can dig and mess up a bed and flip over the pillows like she is a demon bent on excavating the entire earth. I always call it quits afraid she will have a heart attack and die during our play time and then I would have to post that I accidently killed her.

I so remember that pissed off little minx who arrived here 2 years ago and then decided to find her own new home. a 5 mile hike right thru the deepest and darkest bush to park herself on the porch of the house that she decided was more suited to her.

for such an anciently frail, mostly blind little thing...she is still one freaking tough cookie!



hi jess...tiny tim is not for adoption honey, he is a permanent sanctuary duck...Edwina would be lost without him, and if you adopted Edwina too, Floyd would be lost without both of them...the three of them are interdependent and sort of a very odd duck flock!
twosey is doing really well..i think gilbert lost his eye since you were here last, raven is happy as long as he is eating or near Gideon.

hope to see you soon.


hi carol its jess i sometimes come with my grandma sally and brother jordan on saturdays anyways i was wondering if anything happend since i was last there and how is toosie and raven and tiny tim i was thinking about adopting him thx jess