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re: sunday/monday house volunteers

Carol  ·  May 18, 2013

Dionne and lynne for sunday and Maggie and Carla for Monday....since these are "help! we are short bodies" extra pick ups for you don't actually need to come in if you have other things to do. I am home on both days and jamie and I are fully capable of easily managing the whole house. I don't want to burn folks out coming in extra if they don't absolutely have to..i would rather save you for days that I am not here and we are totally screwed.

I know Maggie has leah to look after and Dionne is already working saturday at her other job plus she is house/bru sitting for jenn, lynne has her grandkids to look after and not sure what plans Carla had but sunday and Monday are covered ok this weekend as Jamie and I are here.

anyway...up to you guys...welcome to come if you want but it is not a big deal if you actually would prefer to have sun and/or mon off.

just post in the comments below so I know what I am doing each day.



We are having company tomorrow afternoon so will see you Monday. If you need me, please call as I am 5 minutes away.

shelagh f

it is in the shed to the right of the lawn mower. If
you want to use the brush again, just put it in a zip
lock bag. Brushes there too


done. and hey? do you know where the can of wood protector went? I left it out in the garden and wanted to finish off the rock table.

shelagh f

carol, could you unplug the battery charger for the
lawn mower and you could either put in the shed
with the lawn mowers or in the shop, charger included
too. thanks its just outside the shop door plugged


I will be up on Monday morning for as long as you need me. If it turns out you don't need me in the house I can work in the memorial garden

Bunny Horne

I'm totally confused - I guess it looks like all is good now.

Brent and I found a solution for the pools for Wills & Lotti and Brad Pitt. It's rubber pond liner - that product is incredibly heavy and sturdy and will absolutely work to retain water without cluttering their enclosures.

We purchased the product yesterday and A HUGE THANK YOU TO SHEILA. Recently she donated some items for the WestEnd Yard Sale in July. I took those items and sold them at work and raised sufficient funds to cover the cost of the liner. SO SHEILA Brad Pitt owes you a big green gobby kiss.


no worries helga, me and dionne already talked about the pallets, im gonna bring you 4 today :)


Take the pallets where? Erin was going to bring me a bunch to use for yard sale display platforms.


i am down for sun, jamie is down for sat and monday. i am filling in for brenda for the month of may so it is my regular shift.