Rescue Journal

good day.

Carol  ·  May 20, 2013

phoebe had a miraculous overnight recovery and went from needing to be carried around last evening to bouncing around the clinic today. she's home with three different antibiotics and already driving me insane.

bo ate odie's favorite tossing around the kitchen ball. he is not happy.

puff was a total snarling dickhead today. bad moody buddy finally got his fuzzy cranky ass sent off to bed.

I almost came home with a baby meat turkey...there were 4 extra above ordered ones down at the feed store. I didn't do it because they were unsexed and I was really afraid of bringing home a male that would be trying to breed with Crosby and she is so old and wrecked that I am sure that would kill her. too bad tho cuz I would have liked to save at least one from their fate as xmas dinner and Crosby might have liked to have a NICE turkey girl friend. I was trying to think of where we could build a male turkey pen if that was what we ended up with but I couldn't think of any empty unused space left. sucks to be a turkey rescuer sexist.

beautiful day today..KO, Maggie and Sheila worked hard on the gardening stuff today plus Helga, penny and marta got to some of the driveway weeding yesterday. geez weeds and grass in all the wrong places sure grow fast!

big thx to everyone who helped out this long holiday weekend..the animals are happy and the place looks great.