Rescue Journal

deep thoughts.

Carol  ·  May 21, 2013

wow...I fell asleep before The Voice was over and with only 2 brief times up, slept until 0730....finally a really good sleep catch up!

and the rain is for sun worshippers...great for our well and the grass!

phoebe is still all wrapped up and sleeping, her 24 hour bill was about $700. about half the cost of an emergency visit and far more convenient. so glad cedar grove again has long weekend vet visits available.

I am not even going to try to do a to do list for today, they always get screwed up somehow. I am just going to piddle around getting done what I can and at the end of the day we will see what actually I get done.

I have been thinking about a lot of stuff lately...mostly our seemingly god given right to live in a predictably stable western world. but when things like Oklahoma tornados, Katrina hurricanes, boston bombings, school yard massacres, and woman kidnapped and caged for decades appear...then I realize maybe our life here is maybe not as safe and predictable as we think.

global warming, the world wide instability of the American dollar, the pollution of our water and air..these things are going to profoundly affect us one day...maybe that god given right isn't as god given as we think...maybe we have just been far.

I am so about changing the world for the better for all animals and really for all people too. but what if the changes that are inevitably coming will actually make all of our lives more difficult?

cuz here is the inherent fault in our living these lives that we like so is built of the perception that we have the god given right to own, control, and be in charge of our lives, when we actually don't.

we are as susceptible as any one to the ragings of weather, the economy, violence, war...madness.

the animals know it, that's why they sometimes survive...and maybe we better learn it...sooner than later.

I am not a doomsdayer but I do believe in being prepared.
and I am not talking about storing up gallons of water, gasoline and granola all you day they might run out anyway.

I am talking about changing the way that we think..that things have to be the way that we say. one day they may not be. and then how do we manage to get thru the day?

I think we need to realize that the absolute only thing we actually own is the skin we were born in...everything else could one day suddenly be up for grabs and how will we cope?

we can enjoy the things we are lucky enough to have but we need to get it thru our heads that we don't actually have to have them. we can problem solve solutions to live thru disasters if we let go of the notion that we have to have.

one day we might all be without electricity, there may not be any gas for our cars, a tornado or earth quake might take out our house or if the economy suddenly collapses, the banks may suddenly come and take our homes and yes...we can still survive.

we have forgotten how to be flexible, how to be proactive instead of reactive. we have forgotten that every thing we are lucky enough to have is a gift and all days are not supposed to be Christmas.

quite frankly we have been spoiled rotten with far too much of everything, obtained far too easily and we think this is what life is about....wanting, getting, owning....our god given rights. but here is the thing..god most likely does not give a crap about big screen TV's, nice cars and big houses with hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. he might not even think twice about our RSSP's or pensions or if the almighty American dollar loses its place as the worlds universal currency. our precious antiques, music, books and art might mean nothing to him because all of them are just man made things.

I would think if there really is a god out there somewhere, all he really cares about is what is really necessary to sustain the life he has given to all creatures...clean air, fresh water, food to sustain our continued living and our ability to care for each other...and for all living things.

and that's my deep thought for today.



Well you have said a lot on this post. I especially like the part about stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. I watch real estate shows and I never understand young people who are starting out. They look at a lovely apartment; condo etc. and then when it doesn't have the above mentioned things they are not happy. Aren't they satisfied enough to even have a fridge and stove. I've had avocado and gold appliances. They were fine. I know this seems completely off topic but just my thoughts.