Rescue Journal

does anyone know a good and reliable electrician?

Carol  ·  May 22, 2013

not looking for a freebie or a deal just someone skilled and reliable that we can trust to get the job done safely and well and will actually show up! we need one up at saints asap...the hot water tank keeps blowing the hot water totally sucks!

early morning shift again but just this one then back on reg. day shifts.

jake came slinking up on the bed at bedtime like he had just done something pretty damn bad. I have no idea what it was tho so I gave him a cuddle and a belly rub and told him he got away with whatever it was so relax!

it may just have been because an hour before I yelled at mystic to get the hell off the bed with her wet muddy feet. I was trying to change the linens and she was messing up the new and clean shit. she sulked the rest of the night and wouldn't come back in to sleep with me. anyway, maybe my yelling at her scared jakey?

whatever..doesn't pay to be too sensitive here cuz I am forever giving someone shit for something, fer chrissakes I live with a bunch of somewhat pain in the ass dogs.

not sure why but odie's leg is sore..we put him on pain meds for a couple of days.

pokey had his vet visit and some bloodwork done...apparently he badly needs a dental.i really hate doing big shit to almost 20 year old cats but if his mouth is too bad, he will stop eating and that will be a death sentence for him. but, we will wait and see if his kidneys are good enough to do the surgery first.

renee caught sunny right at the start of a cold so he is caged up until he is finished his meds.

phoebe has some really nice quiet resting times and others when she is right back to driving me totally insane.

crash is doing better with the increase in meds...he is not so restless at night now.

jazzy is a kleptomanic, she keeps stealing stuff off my computer desk and ripping it to shit.

I guess I better get to the diabetics and haul my butt into work.



We would highly recommend Bart from Currie Creek electric! Used him a few times already and will again pretty quick here! Very professional and he lives closeby


Hey Carol, how is CeCe doing? You don't mention her much, she's so sweet looking, but on her picture it says she suffers separation anxiety? I can understand why, considering her background.... But just wondered how she is?
Thanks! And I hope you find an electrician....I'm in Williams Lake so not much help there I'm afraid.


I used Windebank here in Mission when I had to get the electrical system upgraded and found them very reliable.