Rescue Journal

the emotional lives of barnyard birds.

Carol  ·  May 25, 2013

with fluff passing on, I am worried about Crosby because jingles' time left is not very long. she has grown from a little commercial meat chick into a honking big feathered beach ball. her heart or legs are going to give out soon and crosby again will be all alone.

it is too bad that Loretta got stuck having to be nugget's friend because she was a good and healthy Crosby friend. even as a half grown bird, nugget was a problem with Crosby, he kept pecking her, that's why we originally split the threesome apart.

I suppose I could eventually, when the time comes, try one of the other remaining classy chicks with her but they like their life as it is or maybe another discarded hen will some day need us who would make Crosby a good and gentle friend.

the emotional lives of chickens, ducks and turkeys are just as important to me as the cats, pigs or the dogs. I personally find other species easier to understand tho. quite frankly the classy chicks as a large group have cannibalistic tendencies, they are kinder to each other when their group is very much smaller, nugget's innate hyperactivity and aggressiveness is way over the top, and floyd's violent and compulsive horniness I find unfathomable in a duck.
those birds really don't seem to have a species conduct of polite/peaceful living together order of is every (wo)man for himself. for species that generally are meant to live communally, they are very individualistically self centered and competitive...even with lots of space and food available when they don't need to be so competitively driven.

what is interesting is when the classy chicks start to fail and they the once aggressors become a target where they are living and I move them out to be with Crosby...they stop being so mean. I don't know if it is because Crosby is so big and her size is intimidating but they do become really nice birds (except for nugget) when living with her.

I think Crosby is an old turkey soul..i think she is wise, kind and intelligent. and I think the classy chicks when they go to live with her, somehow recognize this. she survived the commercial farms, she survived years of isolation, living alone, she survives her blindness and mutilated, arthritic feet and still she is kind and enjoys the peaceful companionship of the smaller girls.

anyway..i worry about her. I hope jingles can happily stay with her friend for a long while yet ...jingles is a really nice bird too and I bet both of them are missing their other friend fluff today.



This guy was probably not the brightest bulb on the tree. Just found out from Mission RCMP this afternoon that he was caught in a police roadblock. So I know the car is still drivable.


Yea !!!!...i hope it isnt trashed and i bet this is not this idiots first (nor his lst ) idiotic act..i cant stand these petty thieves and crooks that cause so much turmoil stress and disruption in good people lives..curse on all of them. Hope everything works out for you Helga


Thanks, guys. But ICBC had me drop my keys off with them earlier this week and they will take it from here. I am not allowed near the car until they do their thing.


I have to wonder at the brain capacity of a person that thinks stealing an old car and having it for a week is worth a criminal record and possibly jail time for grand theft...really? getting to drive to Agassi was worth risking such not so very fun things?

glad they found your car Helga and glad they found the idiot who stole it...maybe the unpleasant consequences of this might actually teach this person to think.


Completely off topic but because Carol originally posted about this I am giving a brief update. Phone call from RCMP one o'clock this morning. My car is at a towing company in Agassiz and a person has been arrested.


lots of chicks being born this time of year any one of whom might be a good friend for Crosby. The Food Lady at Three Woofs has a bunch of hens. Maybe she would be willing to part with a particularly gentle one.