Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 26, 2013

someone just had to dump a bucket of something gross down my bathtub?

I guess I better go scrub the left overs out but it ain't all that high on my fun stuff to do tonight so I am not all that happy of a camper.

isn't that 2 weekends in a row that I get to come home to a bathroom disaster? I am starting to get desperate for a house of my own....I am getting selfishly tired of sharing every square inch that I have...I have been doing it for far too long.

I have been looking at little house plans on line..nothing big or fancy, just 4-500 square feet of personal space removed for everything about saints just for me. the problem is A. I can't afford it and B. there is nowhere to put a little tiny house here just for me.

oh well... I am enjoying looking and dreaming.....maybe someday.

in the meantime I better go buy a lock so at least I can do without after work bathroom floods and can clean the bathroom when I actually feel like cleaning.

I am finally thinking it pretty much sucks to live in a homeless animal shelter.

took me a while to figure it out tho.

that's it for this post..i am going back to my online house plans surfing and dreaming.



Keeping pawsitive thoughts for Suzie today...and calming vibes to you Laura...I know I am wound up tight when one of mine are needing surgery .


ohhhh SUZ!!! Love that little girl. Good luck to her today & give her a smooch from me laura.


thinking and sending good thoughts your way laura. and i think that was big bambi who chomped on her head. rip big girl.


off topic......remember a few years back our Suzie stuck her every hungry head in Perdy's food bowl and got her head chomped and eye damaged....well that eye has been causing her today another Saint will have her eye sucked....keep the little land shark in your thoughts....she is about 18 now and I need her to boss me around a few more yrs!

Shelagh F

If the animals are not allowed in the bathroom, and
they run the show, we shouldn't go in there either.


dirty water can be dumped onto the ground outside. ? why the tub? bleach? still...


I have completely off limited the house bathroom to myself (not even to get the cats water) since the flood


that sucks Carol - someone needs to get the hint that the house bathroom belongs to you.

put 2 trailers down the bottom - even an extra big one and I'll take half - I'll be the security and I am like a bull when defending personal space and territory. It's a win win! (;