Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 28, 2013

I would like to go to bed but tonight the smell in my room is making me feel sick.
no it is not urine or feces grossing me is the 9 newly advantaged dogs all sound asleep on my bed that smells so horrid.

I pretty much hate advantage days...but not as much as I hate fleas so I guess it is the lesser of two evils but it still smells foul. I could suck it up and try to sleep on the futons or couch except those guys were all advantaged too.

oh well.... ain't no tiny blood sucking bugs too keen to EVER live in my chemically saturated house and tomorrow it will smell better.

today was torture blind dog day...erin and renee bathed pepper and odie. not sure how odie went cuz I left to work an afternoon shift before his turn came around. but I sure heard pepper screaming his head off in my sink before I could get out of dodge. tomorrow they have to do ed, looks like today he fell in the mud. that ought to be a hair raising glad I am back on day shift.

and speaking of ed..I keep forgetting to make a universal announcement...he is getting old and frail and cannot handle wandering around outside for too long anymore. ideally, I would like to see him be able to go out for short periods of wandering then back inside for a short rest. I am hoping we all can keep an eye out for him and let him in and out periodically. that way ed can have his cake and eat it too..he can go out several times during the day which he likes but only for short periods so he doesn't get over tired. unfortunately he lives in the mp office so he can't let himself in and out thru the dog doors like the frailer house dogs do so we all need to pay attention and help him take care of himself.

here is the thing..ed is a chow..this means he is a stubborn mule headed cow. he will wander and wander til exhaustion sets in and he won't go find a quiet place to just lay down. he is too old now for too much continuous wandering around.

so lets all of us keep a helpful eye out for our stubborn old chow!

cc is cleared for her dental..some minor things screwy with her bloodwork but nothing too earth shattering. I will get both her and jake booked in within the next couple of weeks. and then I think we are all caught up on dentals for awhile.

the medical room is literally empty. I went in after work to check the bunnies and feed cliff and mama t. what a huge loss to lose both river and zsu zsu from the very same space on the very same day. there is no one left in the medical room pens..this is the very first time since they were built that all of them are empty.

not sure what is up with conan but he is limping tonight. I tried to look at his foot to make sure none of his nails are curving in but he is a bit of a dickhead over his feet. it is a two person job...I will try to get better look on my lunch break when someone is here to hold the bugger.

I think that is all of the news.



Still LMAO, wish I could have seen it, but my imagination is pretty good. Great job Erin & Renee, you both are rock stars!


Pepper is a bloody nightmare, he panics and screams. But in his defense, hes totally blind and screams at everything, so imo, its not me and renees fault :) odie is a perfect gentleman in the bath, its the last 10 feet getting to the tub thatll wake the neighbours. now, ed, on the other hand...cries like odie, flails like pepper, and snaps like a frickin t-rex, and unfortunately for us, can see just fine. we looked like we were playing twister trying to wash/hold him and not lose copious amounts of blood. which reminds me, carol, i put a little heater in eds room, hope its not roasting in there.


LOL - Odie and Pepper both having baths. Erin, Renee please let us know how it went. I need info LMAO


I always advantage/revolution my pets in the am before i leave for work. That way, the smell has faded a bit by bed time :)

Another Doreen

I think I'm allergic to that Advantage too.
One little newly Advantaged dog on my bed or beside me on the couch affects me! That stuff sure works though so we suffer through.