Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2013

michelle helped me with bedtime...YAY! the dogs all got a good me was chowing down on a cow paddy bigger than she is! june and mystic were in the pond, daphne was yelling at anyone she could think of, odie was just glad to be out for a run. and I am pretty sure we only saw jake close up at the very beginning and again at the end of the run.

Crosby and jingles were so very cute..they were cuddled up side by side enjoying the fresh nice to have a good friend.

puff was being a dickhead at bedtime. ed pooped in his room and then walked thru it at least 52 times.

maybelle is home from the vets..not sure why she can't walk because last time I saw her she could. I am hoping it is just her nasal congestion which is screwing up her balance. she chowed down on some baby cat dry food when I got her home so that is good.

I met preacher at the vets..i am quite glad he is not coming home yet cuz he still reeks like an unneutered tom cat! the clinic will remove his cathetor on Monday then wait and see if he can empty his bladder on his own. if he can't, at least we tried and we can manage him by expressing his bladder several times a day. if he can pee on his own and has decent bladder control..maybe he can find a new home and wouldn't that be great!
either way, he will be coming up to saints early next week...and he is a very nice (and chatty) cat...yay.

ok...I want a hot bath and then some down time.

oh..and.... big thx to everyone who has given up parts of their weekend to help our animals out!



Oh Ed. 52 times is 51 times too many to walk through your own poop you silly chow.