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silent but deadly

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2013

welcome back breanda!!!!

mo...I am watching Gideon eat his left over dinner thru the cameras this will be interesting to see how he does with breakfast if he is eating now.

there is a note on maybelle's pen not to clean her up today..i will do her on my lunch break. I want to see how much she peed and how much she ate and drank. ok to pet and cuddle and give her some love but leave everything else for me please.

does anyone know where all of the flat flannel sheets have gone from the mp building? we are again getting short so if folks can keep their eyes and ears out and spread the word that we are needing some more donated, that would be great!

looks like it is going to be a beautiful day...too bad I am working..oh well last day then 2 days off, yay!

jake is a really nice dog but he has totally gross night time farts. leave it to even a good beagle to have an excess of foul smelling gas. I wish he didn't have to sleep quite so close to me but apparently he does. meeting the emotional needs of love starved beagles sometimes smells really bad.

I guess I better bet moving for work...hope everyone has a good day here!



thx for the update Helga...the note on her door said not to change her food and water bowls too as I was monitoring her in/out..i had measured everything I put in there last night so I could re-measure and calculate her 24 hr intake and output.

a good reminder to everyone to read posted notes all of the way thru and if something seems unclear, please clarify with me. not having the information I need to assess the animals when they are sick can put them at serious risk. maybelle is quite ill and I need to know exactly what she is taking in and putting out so I know immediately if she is losing ground and need to take additional steps to help her.

with sick animals it is best not to use the guessing game approach..safer to know exactly where they stand.


Carol, the new shutoff/tap assembly is back on the tank, so as long as the driver flushes both tanks before filling you are good to go and FYI there is a square jar of chocolate raisins under your TV in your bedroom.


Nope. No sheets in the missing laundry. 2 pee pads, some towels and several fleeces. And Carol, humble apologies. Just reread this blog. When you said 'don't clean Maybelle I thought you meant the cat and not the whole room. She had peed on the towel in the blue box, peed on the blanket in the round bed, the steps were wet too. No pee in the litter box on the floor and poop smeared on the floor. Only a bit of the soft food left in the dish. I didn't put in new kibble but replaced the water. The water in the dish on the table was very mucky.

another Doreen

Were some of those sheets part of the laundry stolen with Helga's car?


Got three loads of laundry pushed through in the shop today, and Shelagh said she'd put one more in before she leaves. There might be a small amount left for tomorrow.


quite a few recently donated flannels on the storage shelf in the shop. everybody be careful with the shop washing machine, theres no safety shutdown when the lid is opened, see note on machine.


I found two of the flannel sheets in the shop yesterday. With the switching out of the washer and dryer yesterday not all the laundry got done like I would normally. There are two more in that as well. Have a great day Carol

Brenda Mc

Just read the blog before I leave for SAINTS this am - Thank you for the welcome back Carol - I read the blog everyday while in Ontario too, so hope I'm up to speed! I missed you all.