Rescue Journal

a brief yet pointlessly poignant conversation with my good friend.

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2013

" the problem with walking thru ones shit on the floor, 52 that it gets smeared in thin yet chunky layers which dries rather quickly into freaking cement!"


"now if you could just try to empty your bowels in one neat pile, say out of the way a bit and then avoid that one very small area until I come to put you to would not have crap all over your feet and I would not be scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing dried super shit off of the floor."


" you really do not have a clue what I am talking about, do you?"


"oh. right. you're deaf."



I remember the Fred stories..he sure was a character and you guys gave him such love. RIP Fred you're still being loved.

another Doreen

If it's any consolation Carol, talking to a dog who can hear is often no more effective that talking to a deaf one. One of me adventures tonight:

Human to disabled dog who can hear:  "Yes, I hear you barking at me, telling me you want me to get you up off the lawn, feed you and bring you into the house!"

Dog:  "Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Now!  Now!  Now!...

Human to dog:  "Oh dear, I see that you have pooped while laying there."

Dog:  "So what?  I want up now, now, now...!"

Human to self:  "Should I go get something to try pick the poop up, or should I just hook up her front harness to her Wheels and then lift her up?"

Dog:  "Now!  Up!  Food!  Now! ..."

Human to Dog and Self:  "Okay, I'll pick up the poop after!"

Human to Dog:  "Be patient, don't move, I just have to hook up your front harness and then I'll lift you up."

Dog:  "I can help, I want up now...!"

Human to dog:  "Stop spinning around, I can't hook up your harness while you're moving...  Huff, puff.... Yuck!"

Human to self:  "Guess I should have tried to pick up the poop first!  Thank goodness the rear harness is washable and thank goodness I bought a spare!  And thank goodness the dog got most of it on the harness, and not on herself."

Dog: "Finally! Now where's my dinner? Now! Now! Now! ..."


I had an old chow named Fred that led me on many merry chases. One of his most redeeming qualities was the need to back up and poop on a bush to keep the yard nice and tidy. He ate my door jambs, jumped out of my windows but the yard was always neat and tidy.......I miss him.


hey lynne id bet good money carol wasnt having an "imaginary" conversation at sided maybe but definitely out loud.


Hey Ed and I have had that conversation numerous Saturday mornings. He just looks at me like I am crazy poo lady puts his head to the side and then leaves for the gate. His job was done, now my turn lol So I feel ya Carol!


how funny not the dried on shit but your imagined conversation with a deaf dog.