Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2013

a quick reminder SAINTS AGM is on sunday, june 9th at 1pm in the MP room. all BOD members, staff, volunteers, interested parties welcome.

I watched 2 movies last night...'the shooter"...great for watching things get blown up and "I am a slave."
did you know that there are approx. 20 THOUSAND Sudanese woman and children that were kidnapped from their homes and villages and sold into domestic slavery. 5 THOUSAND are living in London itself.

I was shocked...there are pockets of supposed mainstream society still that barbaric hanging around in what is supposed to be the civilized world? this is not about scoring free domestic labor...this is about very small pathetic minds having absolute power over other human beings.
20 thousand domestic slave owning someones are going straight to hell.

work continues to be very short staffed so I will be working 12 hour shifts for the rest of the week. I could have picked up overtime today too but if I am doing the extra 4 hours each day, I wanted my two days off to catch up on a few things.

maybelle is doing ok.
chloe is sick Again and confined to a cage. I will be asking the volunteers to leave her alone on the weekend because I do not want her escaping this time until she has had the full course of her meds.
everyone else is doing ok at this particular moment, hope it stays that way.



I thought you would appreciate that this morning on my way home from an overnight Taz shat in the car not once but twice. Then I came in to the house to find that Buttons had barfed everywhere and left me diarrhea in my bedroom.
**Shakes fist at animals **


Sorry, I did see that but we all had shit on us so I didn't see it as anything special to mention. Hope you didn't go into a store like that.


OK totally off topic..Carol and Tammy..why in the world would you let me drive away with powerwash crap all over my face ?

Ellen Nickerson

I worked in Jasper, Alberta for awhile and it is about the same there, with the people from the Phillipeans.Even the Canadians were treated like dogs and motel owners will rob you for every cent they can.I went out for the summer to see the Rockies and worked in Nordgegg also.Thank DOG that I did all that I set out to do so will never need to go there again.


There is a case right now in BC Supreme Court about human trafficking. The case turns on a couple making their domestic help work 18 hours a day, not allowing her to leave the house except while accompanied, paying her $450 dollars a month and confiscating her passport.
The human trafficking comes into play because they brought her in from Hong Kong.