Rescue Journal

it was not a great day.

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2013

the unexpected loss of shep while I was off working a 12 hour shift, pretty much sucked.

I spoke with the vet about preacher..apparently he has a S1/S2 displaced spinal fracture..right at the base of his tail. the vet said it looks like someone grabbed his tail and swung him. she wondered if maybe kids had abused him..i think it is more likely an adult. I am guessing our young unneutered boy suddenly grew up and started spraying and someone caught him at it, grabbed him by the vibrating tail and flung him right out the door.

I could be wrong...but I bet I am not.

people are so freaking stupid..they get a cute little kitten, don't get around to neutering him and then have a freaking violent fit because the now sexually mature tom does what comes pretty damn natural to him.

anyway..maybe that is not what happened..maybe someone was just plain freaking mean and broke him for no reason.

whatever...I suppose it really does not matter now, the damage was done to him and we will continue to try to pick up the pieces.

I am beyond tired tonight, i am sad about shep and i am sad about preacher...i wish he had been accidently hit by a car, not hurt so badly on purpose.


Bunny Horne

I didin't get to the blog yesterday and was deeply saddened when Brent told me Shep passed on. He was a lovely boy who just got deep into your heart with those eyes. We often talk of how precious every single animal at SAINTS is and how it is "essential" to take a few moments away from whatever you are doing to talk to, sing, pet, brush or hug the animals you come in contact with because you may never see that animal again. Some like, Joey (now TUX), go to new forever homes, but so very many pass on. Last Sunday in the midst of barnyard chores I grabbed KOs dog comb and sat my butt down and actually talked to, hugged and brushed Jelly. Shep (the shadow) came right over and sat with us. I tried to brush him, but he wasn't into that at all and walked away. A few minutes later Shep came back and stood between my legs and I brushed him for a couple of minutes and he seemed to enjoy it. I felt guilty because I had was abandoning chores to cuddle and talk to Jelly and Shep. Shep helped me fill the water buckets and he made sure to drink out of a few of them. I am so grateful that I took a few minutes to spend one on one time with Shep - he was a beautiful boy and I think we will all miss our "little shadow" watching us work.
Poop is poop, cleaning up is just cleaning up, but the true heart of SAINTS is not just ensuring everyone is feed and has a clean bed to go to, but that they are comfortable and feel LOVED. Thank you so much Dionne, Rene and Erin for being with Shep when it was his time. You were a special boy, SHEP, Rest in Peace sweetheart.


Oh my, such a sad day for you carol . So sad about dear sweet Shep. He really I was a sweetheart. Rip Shep.
And poor preacher. People are so frickn cruel to animals... Makes me sooooo angry. And now he suffers...