Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2013

sporty buddy did really well today...out for field runs morning, afternoon and this evening. still a bit nervous but stayed in my general vicinity..i am his safe spot right now.

maybelle ate a little bit today...I spoke with the vet, if she doesn't poop by monday, I will get her in.

chloe is home and is looking much better, hope she stays this way!

I spoke with Dr Pillar today about preacher...she spoke to the neurologist regarding him. if he can regain some feeling and function within the first month of fracture, then that is good. if he doesn't then he most likely won't.
my best guess is he is 2 weeks post week with the people who found him and one week with us at our vets. Dr Pillar is willing to keep him and continue with aggressive laser therapy for the next couple of weeks...she really likes this very sweet cat. so I guess we will just have to wait and see if preacher will be able to overcome this and survive.

I let the little pot belly pigs into the back yard for a bit tonight...they all really enjoyed that very sweet grass.

ellie was very sore tonight..she had a really hard time getting up and making it to her bed. she was so sore that she laid down when she got there so I moved her food bowl over to her. breaks my heart when her arthritis is acting up and giving her bad days.

my neck is finally feeling a bit better..i took a bunch of muscle relaxants and then slept away a couple of hours this afternoon. I wish I could fix up ellie tonight as easily but I doubt the meds I took would be good for her too.

thx for everyones help today...all the guys at saints say thank you too!!



So nice to be back yesterday, I missed all the crew at SAINTS. It was nice to see a couple of new dogs running around but sad not to see others.


I missed Shep today. I admit it ...... But it was a good day to celebrate the dogs that are in the MP room. Brittany learned to get in the chair ( thanks Erin, it was pretty cool)


Sporty Bud is a sweet heart..I predict he will be a willing capable and welcome addittion to the barn crew..ugly.......
not in the least..he reminds me of Fourlane..or Fourplay as Lynn would say :-)..


Just want to say that I miss everyone. Wish I could come to the open house but I am a slave to working weekends. All the best!