Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2013

puff is seriously pissed off...why you ask? because he is naked and looks stupid and he knows it.
june didn't know who he was this morning so instead of having a sniff to find out, she jumped in for the kill. moron, you don't pick fights with a pissed off puff daddy...might as well pick a fight with a crocodile.
no one was hurt but the staff got their adrenaline running pretty damn high.

I think june must surely now know exactly who that naked dog really is.

I went over to see preacher and meet Dr. Pillar. every time I see preacher, I am totally amazed at what a sweet and fun cat he is...please god don't make me have to kill him. he still has the urinary catheter in and he is on a bunch of different meds to try to relax that bladder..hope is floating for at least the next week or so.
Dr. Pillar is super nice and right on the ball with him..i am pretty happy we are able to give him this last ditch chance...she is going all out and doing everything that she can to try to save him.
she really likes him a lot too.

maybelle is eating so I am happy about that. chloe is doing ok so far too.

I am getting a break from the early morning shifts for a couple of days until Friday..i switched to reg. day shift for wed/thurs...yay I get to sleep in until 6 am!

odie is fussing cuz I left him outside when I got home..i told him to come in but he wouldn't listen. so now he is moaning and whining like a big baby for me to come and rescue him....again.

Gideon is looking like absolute shit....why does he keep doing this every gawd dam spring? it drives me insane...37 yrs old, dropping weight, looking like this it? or is he just bullshitting to freak me out me again???
ok..gideon... you win so stop it soon please.

well..i am tired..long day. I am going to get the bedtime crap all done early so I can go and hit the hay!



Yes Gideon does, but I tell you he is one 37yr old with a whole lot of spirit still inside.