Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2013

maybelle is home from the vets..bowel, bladder, mobility issues all point to a neurological problem. she is not currently distressed by any of this so we will adopt a wait and see over the next little bit while trying a couple of different medications. first more antibiotics for her ongoing bladder infection, followed by a last ditch trial of steroids as an anti inflammatory/chemotherapy agent in case there is something going on in her spine that we can't see.
sweet, sweet babe.

erin took jazzy out to K9H20 for a therapy swim...jazz didn't like it all that much and kendall felt it wouldn't address her particular disabilities so she doesn't have to go again if she didn't like it anyway. not going to make her do something she doesn't like if it isn't going to help her. the only thing standing in her way of finding a permanent home, is her non existent bowel and bladder control...too bad, she is a young and fun and loving dog. sucks to be purposefully bred with a spine that is just too stupidly long and for the folks that like it, not to accept the very real dangers of disc ruptures it does present. we bred her to break and then when she does, she just gets tossed away. totally sucks big time.

2 more shifts then I have to switch gears to the final push for being ready for the open house. so much stuff still left to be will be a busy-bee week. the open house is a good excuse to get an annual deep cleaning done but man, every year, it pretty much kills me. I so look forward to the week after when everything is done, the open house is over and I can recoup before I go back to work.

I made some vet appointments for next week which I shouldn't have done but jake needs his dental and his cherry eye fixed so he can be ready for adoption and nicky needs her spay now that her mouth has healed from her dental too. once they are done all of the new outstanding medical needs are up to date and we just have to deal with the chronic ongoing or emergency stuff.

big sigh....I guess it is time to get ready for work but today I am just not feeling it.



So sorry Lynne, big hugs to you and sweet dreams for your special boy Starbuck.


So very sorry for your loss Lynn..what a lucky boy to have found his angel in you. May your memories of him and all the good times you had together bring you some comfort now and in time ..make you smile ((((HUG))))


thanks guys for your condolences. i am surprised you remember him carly.. yes he did just wander around and around. i feel in my heart it was his time to go and i am so glad i got him. i forgot to mention that he was in the pound for 14 months. somebody sure missed him didnt they. well their loss was my gain.

Brenda Mc

Oh Lynne - Big hugs to you. Starbuck was a lucky guy. I'm so sorry - I never met him, but know how much you loved him.


My heart goes out to you....Starbuck was blessed to have a loving family.....


Awe Lynne so very sorry about Starbuck, he was very loving & handsome boy. Yoda, Jedi & 1 enjoyed his company during our walks. I love the story of when you heard about him, left right away to get him so he could join your family. RIP Starbuck you were truly loved.


I remember Lynne when you brought him to the dog park.I would just watch him wandering around :) Sorry for your loss :(


I am so very sorry for your loss lynne...he had a great life with you...big hugs!


i am feeling really shitty. i just had my beautiful starbuck put to sleep. i know jamie, erin and dianna and kim will remember him. he was a survivor,he had guts and determination but he was getting old and weary. he came from the pound 7 years ago he was old then they figured about 12, he got on thyrid meds and improved greatly. he was like a cole or a dexter, was going to live forever. i miss him already and will remember him always for his determination, his sweetness and his great strentgh. rip my beautiful boy.