Rescue Journal

long post and for those who don't want to read a long post, near the update on gideon

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2013

rescue is such warm and fuzzy word.
it means someone is out there heroically busting their butt to make life a helluvalot better for someone.

except...that maybe really isn't quite true.

some people have a different definition of rescue.

some folks think rescue is getting animals for free and flipping them quickly for a hefty adoption fee.
some think rescue is collecting a ton of animals and shoving them into spaces that are overcrowded and filthy.
others think rescue is posting on facebook and message boards cataloging their own purity while beating down others.
some folks lie to themselves and anyone else who will listen about pretty much anything that has anything at all to do with rescue.

what rescue really is:
it is a very slippery slope riddled with crazy.

every single one of us goes too far, not far enough, loops into waaaayyyyy out there and runs smack into the nutbar zone occasionally.

anyone who tells you differently is mistaken.

rescue by nature pushes us to be all that we can be. and sometimes the reality is...all we can be as far as rescuing animals is not all that great.

so lets be honest here...saints is a pretty damn good rescue.
wanna know why?

it is because on my own..i know I ain't that great but I have a real talent for attracting AND keeping really good people to help me.
and this talent is not because there is anything all that special about me. it is because I step out of the way and let the animals do all of that charissmatic kind of work for me.

my job is to let people in, let the animals do their magic and occasionally help a few to find their way out of here again if the match is not a very good one.

saints is 100+ very special animals and 35+ very special staff and volunteers. it is a very good mix.
the animals spend their days making messes, racking up food and vet bills, wrecking stuff and the people spend their days raising money to pay the bills, fixing and cleaning up after them.

as a partnership, for saints as a works.

I love saints. I love not only what it stands for..i love what it actually does every day.
we have a small army of caregivers like me who like this place to be clean. they like to see old, wrecked and unwanted animals feeling safe, well and happy.

and at the end of the day...that ain't the least bit crazy!

happy update:

I swear to god Gideon has not stopped chowing down since bedtime last night. I have watched him periodically (whenever I am glancing at the cameras) munching in food and hay cube bowls but also in his pile of hay. way to go skinny, so greatly loved by all boy...keep on stuffing that beautiful face!



All I can say is not a day goes by that I don't think I am lucky to be part of SAINTS. Thank you Carol


I wouldn't take ourself out of the equation Carol. You are part of the reason SAINTS is so special cause you do have a very unique way at looking at animals.

pam in Oz

when I read your title I thought Gideon was near the end! So glad I was wrong!!

pam in Oz

when I read your title I thought Gideon was near the end! So glad I was wrong!!

pam in Oz

when I read your title I thought Gideon was near the end! So glad I was wrong!!

janet nicholson

Yay for Gideon - guess he was having an "off" day - keep eating that good stuff! And Carol, you are the "picker" of those animals - so you obviously choose the ones able to charm and get away with murder - like that sweet Mystic and her moon craters!


YAHOO !!!! I've been checking the blog..signing on a little afraid of what I might read...then trying to decide if no news was good news or not. What a trooper Gideon is..and I hope to H*ll he stays chowing down