Rescue Journal

emergency help?

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2013

I got an email late last night from a mutual friend that Janice from heartonnoses mini pig sanctuary had suffered a heart attack and is in hospital. from checking out her facebook page, it looks like she is ok and getting appropriate treatment.

however, this will be a difficult time for her so anyone who can lend a hand either thru volunteering at her pig sanctuary or by making a donation so money is not a worry for her right now, I am sure would be greatly appreciated and help her thru this while she recovers.

I think contact info for volunteering or donating will be available on heatsandnoses web site or facebook page.

we will put out a special donation tin here at saints specifically for heartsonnoses during our open house so if you are coming to visit us, please drop something in for Janice and her sweet little pigs and we will make sure she gets it along with your good wishes.

thx so much everyone for any help!

can someone from saints maybe print off some photos/ contact info from heartsonenoses website/facebook so we can put together a nice looking donation table for them at the open house...(our printer doesn't work here.) I will pick up some bright colored construction paper and poster board to give it some pop!



Yes she is at mr hospital but will go to another hospital for angio as they don't do angios there


OMG.. what a shock I had to read the 1st sentence a couple times before it sank in. I am assumming she is at Maple Ridge ?? I suck at facebook so if any updates get posted there..can someone carry them over to here. There isn't anything on the Website.


So sorry to hear about Janice, and hope she continues to recover well. I'll be up at Saints later this morning to help out, Carol.