Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2013

man...the open house eats up a ton of (wo)man hours. when you think of all of the prep time staff and volunteers put in..from planning, organizing, implementing, cleaning, fixing to the actual day of is insane.

just during the weekend open house hours themselves..there will be over 300 volunteer hours shed here sat/sun alone pre open house cleaning, open house set up and break down, answering questions, touring folks around.

and are you freaking kidding me...we are all putting in so much blood, sweat and tears and WE LOVE SAINTS effort and the weather is not going to cooperate?????

honestly...could just shoot myself!

big sigh...whatever. like all other challenges and roadblocks that daily we face...we will still be here doing what we do best which is promoting, protecting, and sharing saints....even if it does freaking rain.


nicki is home from the vets...she has multiple sutured areas from various tumor removals and her spay.

jake is also home but he is upset. he is not happy to have had surgery on his eye nor with the cone currently stuck on his head.

we are starting maybelle on steroids today. last ditch effort to try to save her. I so hope that this works.

I haven't spoken with the vet about preacher this week...big sigh, most likely because I don't want to hear what is most likely happening, which is probably nothing. I will have to decide about him by early next week. either the laser treatments are working or they are not and a life or death decision is going to have to be made.
argh...please god don't make me have to choose the bad thing.

Gideon is doing ok...for a 37 year old horse. he still looks like shit, but he doesn't currently care, he is content which is what is most important.

I got up this morning and made sure everyone was comfy and covered on my bed when I left. so far everyone is still sleeping so I have some quiet time to myself to think about this weekend and what still needs to be done. just 2 more days to get to it all.

I think cuz it is raining and everything is wet would be a good day to power wash the front cement....and there is still a big dump run and that darn freaking tent!

SUCKS to try to get ready for an open house in a rain forest!

update on Janice from hearts on noses pig sanctuary from their facebook page. she will be moving to the royal columbian for an angioplasty today. positive thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery to Janice and a reminder that any help..labor or donation that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated as this is a very stressful time for her!



bunny i think nicole was asking for somebody to put up signs for open house directions. maybe email her


Janice's birthday is tomorrow too. I think. Get well quick and Happy Birthday wishes.

Bunny Horne

Carol, do you need Brent and I to post SIGNs for the Open House on our way through town on Saturday? I have laminated signs I made last year. We can post them again, but need to fit this into our schedule since we are traveling from the west end of Vancouver.


My iPhone weather app says its supposed to be sunny on the Saturday!