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open house=open hearts

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2013

every year I worry...what if no one comes to the open house? its like having a birthday party that no one comes to..must mean that no one cares about the work that we do. it is a stupid thing to worry about because we always have between 300-400 folks tour thru so there are people who are interested in the end of life care of homeless senior and special needs animals.

still I worry because I want people to come here and meet them..i want people to see the possibilities for these special animals that society has ignored and forgotten.

I want people to touch Gideon and feel the heartbreaking unfairness of 29 years of loyal service with a ride to the slaughter house as a final reward. I want folks to see jazzy dropping poop and squirting pee and see, not only is it not her fault but she can be easily managed and she can be happy. I want folks to know that a 16 year old dog like buddy, or cc, or crash or shane are not too old to be loved.

I want folks to see the utter and complete love and loyalty that a rescued dog like benny can have for someone willing to give him a chance....just like he gives to me every moment of every day. I am his person and we are in love.

I want to share maybelle's story so people think twice about what harmful mutations created in breed standards mean to she who must live that compromised life. and I want folks to meet puff and realize that cute does not always mean nice BUT being an occasional asshole does not mean that we hold him in contempt and refuse to recognize the intrinsic value of his life.

I want people to meet ellie and see the keen intelligence in her eyes and feel the soft kindness of Emily and joy. I want people to know that a little donkey can choose cows to be his family because he likes being with them best. I want folks to know that it is possible to live in a house with a bunch of cat sprayers or incontinent seniors and NOT be grossed out by the smell. that putting some thought into washable surfaces and actually washing them can eliminate the results of cats neutered too late or bodies whose aging bladders and bowels are not working as well .i want folks to see dogs like hilda and tina with severe cardiac disease running around and having fun. I want them to see tiny nicki and ancient and blind mini me bossing the big dogs around. I want to share max chasing a ball faster on two legs than some dogs can chase one with four.and I want them to see bunnies with friends and enough appropriate and clean space to enjoy living each day. I want them to see a blind and old turkey whose beak and toes were cut off who was lucky enough not to make it to thanksgiving dinner and how much she loves her fat commercial meat chicken who is her very best friend.

these animals are all of the reasons we put so much time and effort into putting on a great open house..this is the weekend that they get to tell their stories and reach out to the humans and try to make them understand that they do have value, that they have suffered at our hands. but most importantly that they have forgiven and have given us too a second chance.

the open house is so the animals can have their very own chance to touch humans, to reach out and pry open our minds and our hearts.

I want LOTS of people to come!


Barb H

Wish we could be there. This weekend always conflicts with family responsibilities, but we are hoping to get out later in the summer for a visit.


I will be there in spirit! I'm sending love and belly rubs to everyone of those old souls from here in the a puddle.
Keep doing what you do, you are all amazing and I thank God for you everyday!

another Doreen

I've told people about it!
One is hoping to find time to bring her 12 year old daughter who is very interested in animals and their care!

Paula C

What a wonderful post about what the Open House really means - I hope a lot of people go through and fully understand what SAINTS is all about. Wish I could visit - have a great weekend!


Great post, Carol. In the craziness that leads up to the Open House, it's easy to lose perspective on what it's really all about - spotlighting the animals, their stories, their incredible personalities, and their amazing ability to survive and live each day to the full.

shelagh f

the porta potty is coming before 1pm. thats as close
as they will say. I did mark and X by the water
towers in the driveway near the memorial garden
the other day but I am afraid it has washed away.
It was between the water savers and the lawnmower
shed, in front of Brad I may not be there in time
so hope someone reads this and can direct if necessary
if the mark is gone. thanks