Rescue Journal

the countdown

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2013

tonight is about the picky things..sorting, tossing, hand washing, and replacing as needed... their toys...odie, jelly and bo all had total fits that I was screwing around with their play things!
it is also about bleaching the crap out of the cat run, pulling out, washing and storing the extra fleeces that cover every possible surface, food/water bowls and litter boxes that aren't critical to decrease the cluttered space. honestly the cats can walk an extra 2 feet to eat or pee.

it is about minimizing as much as I can...there is a lot of stuff in here and some of it they can do without for a couple of days. when you add all of the animals, all of their stuff and all of the people coming gets a bit cramped!

I find the passing of maybelle so profoundly sad. I am not sure why this is, but I think it has to do with her extreme trusting innocence and vulnerability.

some possible good news on preacher...the catheter is out and there was urine in his litter box this morning. could just be a fluke due to the cathetor removal..will wait thru the weekend to see if maybe this is a fairly regular thing.
he doesn't have to be reliable in the litter box..he just has to be able to pee...pretty much anywhere as long as he can do it is fine with me.

well I still have quite a bit of work to do around here..guess I better get back at it!



Praying from afar that everything goes just the way you hope it will this weekend!


Great news about Preacher. Hope it continues.... Or at least that he can pee. I really want to meet him soon. He does sound like a sweetie.
I am so sad about Maybelle... She was so sweet, innocent and vulnerable, as you say. Caitlyn and I will miss her so much.
Looking forward to the Open House this weekend.