welcome to saints!

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2013

the weather looks to be decent, the place is as neat and tidy as it it is likely to get (not everything on the to-do list got done but we did quite a bit!) the animals are all ready and raring to go to greet new and old friends, the weekend warriors will soon be here to start their huge weekend warrioring and I am pretty much ready to go back to bed!

I am a little bit sad that percy won't be here this year to suck on some pony tails...he LOVED open houses... so many licking moments!! I am also sad that griffin won't be here to startle a few innocents with his marshmellow inside of a snarling monster act. al won't be here to blow people's minds when they find out that blue ball playing freak is really 19! and I am so sad that maybelle couldn't stay to teach just one more group of people about the unkindness of breeding cool little creatures who can't breathe very well.

ahhh...but they will all be here in spirit, carried in the hearts of those who loved them as we introduce our other great guys who are just as amazing in their own special ways.

today is the day we open up the gates to as many who wish to come and participate in the wonder of our saints.

on their behalf, we welcome one and all and we guarantee when you leave here, it will be with a very full heart.

11 AM to 3 PM
33860 Dlugosh Avenue
Mission, BC
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I'm sorry I missed it, I'm sure it was a huge success. On another note I have compiled quite a bit of flea medications and I will mail them on Monday! Love Rae

Lenore Henry

My husband and I cannot thank ALL of you enough for the tour of SAINTS today. From the moment we arrived, Ann greeted us and showed us the Memorial Garden as we wanted to visit with dear Black Buddy's windchime who was a favourite of ours. Ann was so kind and friendly. Our tour by Bunny was informative and fun - we have taken the tour a few times before and each time it is a little different as each volunteer has their own way of expressing what the animals mean to them. All the residents at SAINTS seemed so content today and loving the attention they were getting and so well deserved. Thanks to Carol, the staff and all the volunteers who worked so hard to put this Open House on. We know how hard you have all worked and you should be very proud. We look forward to visiting again soon. Thanks again.

Owen and Lenore Henry


My wife and I both really enjoyed our first visit to SAINTS today (we are monthly donors/saints).

Before we left this morning to drive there, we both said we will not bring an animal home (I know it doesn't work like that anyways), but what struck us most of all was how happy and well adjusted all the animals were.

I hope that doesn't come across the wrong way, but it is clear that they enjoy their lives at SAINTS because they are well loved and cared for.

All the best.


"home to dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, and a llama" and a VERY cute little DONKEY! :)