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some days...

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2013

I really would like to put phoebe into a straight jacket and shove a gag down her throat. tammy was on site at 7 am sharp (the volunteers are allowed to come at 7 on open house days to get the regular cleaning shit done.)and not only does phoebe know someone is here...for the next 2 hours until she can get out to see...she is not going to let anyone forget that someone is here!
she winds everyone up and keeps them wound up as tight as she drives me insane.

I imagine all kinds of not nice things like straight jackets, gags, cutting off hysterical barking fool heads but I have to content myself with firmly repeating "stop it!', and deadly aimed spray bottles instead.

as day two of the open house begins, i find I am not in top form...tired, not feeling all that great and ready to kill a bunch of stupid, unnecessarily noisy hysterical dogs.

cats are so much more peaceful and quiet when anything unusual is going on.

folks should come to the open house today and see if phebes is really lucky and still has her freaking annoying head.



She got really tricky and waited until there was no frward movement (Tammy had arrived ) timed it perfectly when the plates were being passed between hands and like a shark coming up from the depths..she struck..hitting the plateS (caps on purpose ) and all my yummies were like candy from a pinata (sp?)

Smart pooch


That was a bummer. I made it all the way down to the lower field with the two plates of food, not dropping any of it. Something went horribly wrong in the hand off to Mo. Mystic saw her opportunity and went for it.


My favourite part was Tammy trying to pass a plate of food to
Mo down in the field and Mystic jumping up and stealing it.
I was also quite excited to have such exhausted dogs at the end of the day.
Brenda, I will try to bring Nigel out another time for you to have a visit.


It was a great weekend. Nice to see Andy come down today to spend time with his buddy Jesse.
Overall Puff was actually pretty good. He had a couple of melt down moments but held off as best as he could.


Favourite moment of the weekend for me was when ex-saint Odin saw Carol and gave her one of his famous hugs......for me this is what saints is all about....true love. Odin has a great forever home and looks fantastic but he sure hasn't forgotten his ex-"mom".


yes it was a great open house weekend. seemed kind of quiet and clean lol in the big dog room and bedroom they were all so well behaved. judd was quite the greeter in the big dog room. was really nice seeing some of the past saints there cant believe how oden has become such a handsome and happy dog, there was lola, joey and cabot. wow they were all so happy. and nicoles dogs are amazing. nigel is just the most utterly big goof he is a past saints dog. so glad to be a part of this weekend. just ran so smoothly. glad carol that it was successful you so deserve that. glad the weather was good too.


OK my highlights of the weekend come from a totally different perspective...being the dog watcher in the lower field..i now know how the animals in a zoo feel..:-)..but it was really great getting to know Odie ( the soft and fuzzy side of him ) and having June come and sit right beside me and try to convience me that she actually was really brave ..and was just there to protect Tammy and I.

Yvette ~ Turtle Gardens

I can so relate! Our dogs are just nutz when visitors come by. They do calm down pretty quick but the cacophony of noise is strident! Mal a tete time.