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Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2013

it was advantage day yesterday...yuck....didn't like the smell. oh well...I would like the alternative a helluvalot less.

spent some time last pm with brit, cc and tess. they were pretty happy I sat down and hung around with them...I thoroughly enjoyed myself too.

the trailer went yesterday...looks empty out under the carport but I am glad it is finally gone since we didn't need it anymore.

I keep forgetting to order water..i have got to do that today for sure!

angel really hasn't been 100% since her eye was removed. nothing specific but I worry about her.

I ordered two strong baby play yards from sears that ought to be here soon. I am thinking that may be the answer to moving max back to the mp room. they are much better than xpens and it may be a good compromise. he can be easily confined on soft padded and absorbent surfaces but allowed out for supervised play. hopefully it works to keep his skin healthy.

what I hate most about dogs is their ability to erupt as a group into a chaotic, frenzied noise bomb just because one member may or may not have heard something or other. all it takes is one single peace disturber and they all jump on the very same bandwagon. just like people who follow the hysterical mob without a clue as to what is really going on.

how freaking hard is it to shut up, sit down, gather the facts and think things thru BEFORE they act. a perfect world I guess.



hi Suzanne...I just talked to the vet. he started on the new meds a couple of days ago. he peed on one of the clinic staff today by accident and there was a bit of urine in his box. so we will see how he does over the weekend. basically preacher is still a question mark but maybe hope is floating for him yet.

Bunny Horne

Carol, one of the visitors to the Open House just posted this on my facebook under her daughter's photograph with Bobo - "All the animals we encountered at SAINTS were so gentle and loving. It was a highlight of my life to see my 3 year old daughter, who previously had barely ever made physical contact with dogs, feel safe enough to wrap her little arms arounda big fluffy one and give him a hug. SAINTS is truly a magical place and we were so blessed to attend the open house to take it all in. Thanks to Carol, Bunny Horne and all the volunteers & staff."


what do you think of that flea medication that they ingest?
i've never tried it, but i was wondering if you had?