Rescue Journal

heads up

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2013

too hot.

it was after 8 pm before I even dared to close the mini pigs or Crosby and jingles in for the night.

I might have to move crosby and jingles back into the rabbit room..i don't think they will tolerate the heat very where they are.

well...vacation is over I start 5 evening shifts in a row today...big freaking sigh. the late shifts just do not go so great with rescue..the animals are alone too long and I am already tired by the time I get into work.
it sucks big time.

note to all volunteers from now on ....any money/cheques are to be put in an envelope, clearly marked with the date, who it is from and what it is for and put in the house. DO NOT leave any money/cheques for ANYTHING over in the office..too easy to get misplaced, forgotten or lost. I will put a locked mailbox with a slot in the house that ann can easily come in and grab from as needed without having to hunt all over the place to find stuff. THIS WILL INCLUDE ALL CHEQUES/CASH COMING IN FOR THE GALA SPONSORSHIP/TABLES/AND TICKETS as well as any nonspecific monetary donations dropped off at the shelter. it is about time we have one single designated official drop off point for everything that comes in...this will make life much easier.



Carol, I hurt my knee last night and I'm having trouble walking so I am unable to come into work today.

Bunny Horne

FYI - Twoosie (soon to be 1 year old) is blowing bubbles with her nose in the new mud-spa bath that Allison built for the mini-pigs. Carlotte and Wilbur are both trying to fit into their mud-spa bath. KO is right, they look like chocolate dipped pigs. Brad's mud-spa is leaking - damn - I will find the source of the leak next week and do some retrofits for him.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent didn't get around to installing the mailbox for the cash/money envelopes today, nor did he get to your bathroom lock. He has the mailbox and will get it retrofitted this week for installation next Sunday. So anyone that has an envelope that needs to be placed in the new mailbox hang on to it, the box will be installed next Sunday.


We forgot to unhook the hose by the sheep stall..oops..but the tank is hooked up..Lexi will have to plug in the pump and turn the tank tap on.

shelagh f

further our discussion Sunday, the cat is back and
Save on has a bunch of wind chimes on sale, many about
$10 and not teeny teeny. If you want I could get
a few or I'm not sure if you prefer to look for some
thing that goes with the animal. This weather is
not supposed to last more than a few days, that's
what they said today on the radio anyway.