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flood gates

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2013

thx brent for being so good at heat control for our barn guys yesterday..i apologise for dumping so much stuff on you all at once but thx! it made such a difference in temp. last night for the mini's, Crosby/jingles and the big dog room guys...yay!!!

and also big thx to everyone who sweated thru this past very hot and long weekend here, great job everyone!

shelagh picked up a beautiful windchime for shep so his is now hanging in the garden where it should be..i think we are pretty much all up to date now.

looks like it is shaping up to a big deluge of new in-coming. some may be coming up from LA.

up until a couple of years ago, we brought up a few hopeless seniors from LA each year. with the cute little highly adoptable young dogs and puppies getting nuked by the hundreds, the seniors just didn't stand a chance down there. the 5 or 6 we brought up each year, never made one bit of difference to what was happening down there, but it made me feel better that at least a few seniors made it out because someone like us cared.

anyway, we stopped doing it a couple of years ago...with so many importers bringing up dogs to sell, customs started getting really difficult. they just could not wrap their heads around that not all dogs coming into Canada were not for profit in some way. the last time I stood at the border for hours with an officer not only grilling me and trying to make me admit that I would profit from those dogs in some way, but he was threatening to turn the dogs back which scared the crap out of me cuz I just couldn't let them be sent back to that!

very few of the American dogs were ever lucky enough to get adopted..lola did and Nicole took shrek, Fiona, and taz. but mostly they either lived out their lives here or in permanent foster care where we paid their extensive ongoing medical bills. fer chrissakes..they were saints which meant they were old, sick, expensive and wrecked.

anyway..that last time totally stressed me out..i was stressed over what may have happened to the dogs I was now responsible for and personally I was stressed by that man making me feel like I was somehow a profiteering slime ball trying to slip my greedy exploiting sleaziness past his eagle eye.
so I said fuck it..sorry old wrecked American dead dogs but we ain't doing it ever again and we didn't.

but it hurt. every time I look at hilda..I think that she could have been an old discarded lifeless body in one of their overflowing barrels. she is so alive here...she is so happy despite her freaking time bomb hernia and her cardio-pulmonary disease. hilda is lucky..she is not only very happy but she is still alive!

long stories can't always be made short.

when we brought up dogs from LA, we worked with a great rescue down there called ace of hearts. they list the "in danger" dogs on their website of all of the local shelters. Nicole was recently surfing around on their site and fell in love with an old wrecked in danger dog named bart. so she and meghann made a road trip to LA and came home with bart and meghann came home with a sad little chi and added them to their existing families.

ah shit, ace of hearts suddenly remembered saints and the dogs we had helped them help in the past. the communication door was opened again between desperate LA rescuers to save dogs from death and a nice place up in Canada that likes wrecked, ancient and unadoptable animals the best.
last week the first email came...4 senior chi's now in real danger and up for euth if they don't get pulled out of the kill shelters, the shelters were out of room...the email came with pictures attached. I just so hate that!

anyway the long and the short of it is ace of hearts will deal with the border stuff and make sure they have all of their ducks in a row to get them safely here to our gates. I am not just going to help a couple of cute senior chi's tho, I would feel shitty about that cuz they are like the size of an egg.. so i told them to pick up a couple of old, wrecked, desperate real dogs too who don't stand a chance. 4or 6 in the long run what's the difference?

oh yeah..2 more get to live.

there is also boomer coming down from up north somewhere..pretty sad tale attached to this dog so I said we would take him here.
I am thinking the chi's may get adopted or at least find permanent foster homes..folks up here seem to like chi's even if they are freaking old. boomer and the other 2 yet unknowns? don't really know. but sure as shit for all of is far, far better then where they are coming from so I think they will be ok with the change.
but I better re-close the LA flood gates cuz we can't be overwhelmed by all of the so very sad and helpless seniors on deathrow down there....we would need a hundred places like saints.


Carol Ann

Hey the good news is, she is off all the meds now. She has turned into a loving sweet dog. When she is frightened she hides behind Angus in his man cave under the desk. I don't think she would accept another small dog around unless he or she was as sweet as Angus. He is so kind, you were right about him.


that sweetie was the sweetest dog ever. your current foster sweetie model however...well... lets just say I am so glad she is happily living with you! (for those that don't know her...she is phoebe's psychological twin and on the same psych meds too!)

Carol Ann

Our beautiful (first) Sweetie came with that last LA group also. She only stayed 9 months but she was a joy to have. She was pretty sick but always happy. Still miss HER.

shelagh f

I just had a look at Ace of Hearts web site. They
have 301 dogs on their site. 301! There are a ton
on the endangered list. I wish I hadn't looked.
What is the matter with people, not only in the
States, but all over? All those sad faces, how
can anyone decide who to save? Just the sheer
volume of animals is heartbreaking.



shelagh f

will they bring them across themselves? I live
about 5 min from the border if I can do anything
to help, either pick them up or drop them off, let
me know. (I even have a passport)


i just cry for all the ones that never get their chance at a happy home it makes me sick only so many can come to saints. they are the lucky ones, what about all the rest. i cant believe we as the dominant race can be so uttery incompassinate sbout how we treat our animals. those not only being the domestic animals but the wildlife the farm animals. we have great people who are making great strides but it seems not enough. people i have talked to do not want to know. who wants to know that the animal they are eating went through a horrific life. not many. i guess ignorance is bliss. hey if you cant see a face who cares. people look at me and i can see their hey whatever. these eggs are cheaper than the free range eggs. so what if the chickens suffered. not our problem. most people just really do not care. i think people need to start to realize what we are doing to our animals and it needs to stop ,sorry for rambling but i feel very strongly about the right to have a decent life, no matter who or what you are.


As I read your blog, Carol, I'm looking at my precious little Chi-cross (Peaches) and my daughter's lovely little Min-Pin/Dachsund cross (Jake) sleeping so peacefully and happily on my couch. They are both from an LA pound, and supposedly also were on death row. To think such adorable and loving dogs may not have survived just breaks my heart. The little guys you're saving from LA are so very lucky. In a perfect world, there would be no need for somewhere like Saints, because there would be no old wrecked and unloved animals. But thank god for you and Saints. And way to go, Nicole & Megghan!!!


I forget brodhi was part of that last trip up here..lucky boy too! thank you for erasing all the really bad shit he had been thru!!!

seniors rock no matter where they come from.

Margie (Bodhi's mom)

I can only imagine the customs nightmare you went through to get my Bodhi-man up to Canada 2.5 years ago but thank you for doing so! He made the two years he lived with us so special. I wish I could say I could help with a new little senior but our hearts aren't ready. I will, however, continue to spread the word about SAINTS. Thanks!