Rescue Journal

whew. yay. boo hoo.

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2013

Gideon looks dead again in the cameras tonight, but he isn't cuz I can see his ear or leg twitch occasionally.

we are going to bring preacher to saints on Saturday. he has been in our care for what 6-8 weeks and he is finally getting to see saints? this is just trial to see if outside of the vet clinic, he can overflow and leak urine and not be fully dependent on manual expression of his bladder. hope keeps floating for preacher.

I am going to have to go into work early tomorrow and pull some overtime in an extended shift.
and I might have to work extra overtime right thru the weekend which pretty much sucks huge time too.
boo hoo.

well that's it for the quickie news..i got home a bit late tonight and still have some shit to do.



he will be at the house where I can keep a close eye on him and his bladder.


So good to hear Preacher gets to come to Saints this weekend. Where will he get to live? Excited to meet him