Rescue Journal

bitching again.

Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2013

I did not wake up this morning til renee got here at 8. I figure I will go into work about 10 but I really don't want to go in at all let alone early. it frustrates the heck out of me that overtime is required to cover patient care because a combined nursing time of 12 hours today is being used for an education inservice on more corporate reorganization/restructuring....that is at least 4 new patients waiting to be admitted on our ever growing backlog pile.

so stupid. I took myself off the inservice list, agreed to work an extra couple of hours and can get at least one of those folks in. I can eventually figure out the new restructuring without someone spoon feeding it to me for an hour and a half...or not. chances are they will restructure it again in a year or two....maybe they can catch me to spoon feed me then.

I just do not understand this new healthcare used to be about caring for people not how everyone in this massive machine does whatever part that we do.

i'd like to do a corporate inservice on efficient and timely admissions, it would take 30 seconds. grab a nurse, pick up a chart and walk thru the door to a sick person's world.

so time for this dinosaur to retire.



totally forgot about preacher coming home today, will get everything ready for him this a.m. does he need a ride or are you ok to get him?


hey carol i went by from 800 till allmost 9 let the dogs out they were fine so no worries


So so so sad, I'm a nurse too Carol, in this ever changing shamefully inefficient system. So much constant energy restructuring. Get real. Happy Friday big and little Saints-you need not worry your cutie heads about this.