Rescue Journal

freaking me out!

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2013

preacher is home....erin set up a nice transition cage for him. I stuck him in it for 20 minutes and then thought...why is he in there? the transition pens are for new admit isolation but he has already been in the vet clinic for weeks without any contagious shit going on. they are also to give the new cats a chance to work thru their suddenly upside down mental meltdowns in privacy and safety.

preach ain't going to meltdown, he thinks life is just one big freaking adventure for him to meet.

stupid to stick him in a cage when really he doesn't need one so I let him out.

he is currently curiously checking everything and everyone out.

welcome home preacher..hope you are happy here!

Gideon had a hard time getting up this morning...god he is frail and totally freaking me out. we sent Dixie and flicka down below because Gideon is so weak, he needs to stay up in the upper field. both flicka and Dixie had a flipping fit and were running and charging around...of course egged on by ziggy who thought the whole thing was exciting. luckily neither of them broke a leg with their hysteria...fer is just a field on the other side of the fence not a whole freaking new alien world!

I will stay close and keep an eye on everyone cuz I do not want prevailing stupid to screw up anyone's life.

hopefully everyone will settle and Gideon will get a spark of appetite back and maybe, please, drink and be merry a little better now????