Rescue Journal

too funny!

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2013

preacher has finished checking out the back cat rooms and outside run, taken a quick tour thru the kitchen to grab a bit of tuna from the sandwich I was making and is now investigating the computer room and front outside cat run. once thru into the computer room benny, buddy, jazzy and bo were all on the newcomer to get a good whiff. preacher slowly backed up and then just walked around them to continue on with his tour.

he is just motoring thru at his own preacher speed, seeing where he now is living.

pretty brave little cat!
hah..i wish all cats were this easy to introduce.
the last cat to move in here without a blink of an eye was hook...miss him, he was an amazing old and wise boy.



how old is Preacher and will we please be able to see photos of him and the other newcomers?