Rescue Journal

heads up re: preacher....

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2013

sweet, inquisitive cat. up, on, into every surface around here.

he is both bowel and bladder incontinent due to his spinal fracture and he currently has diarrhea.

I cleaned it up as I found it last night but I never found all of it cuz that cat was literally Everywhere....several times.

in cleaning today keep an eagle eye out for preacher poop smudges and puddles...hopefully he firms up again pretty damn quick.

Brenda...air conditioner in bedroom is working ok again, so no need to ask brent to switch it out...put new donated one in the shop for back up...thx!

Gideon had an ok night..i have seen him eating some hay but not really anything else...oh! he is chowing down on his hay cubes now! hmmm.

mo..keep his breakfast, lunch supper half scoop pellets, half small scoop bran, 1 cool calories, 1 calf manna and cut up apple, mix up into a really wet molasses,...and don't overwhelm him with too much in the bowl. maybe eating is just too sweet and too much work right now. lets try making it less and see how he does?
oh and his pain med dose today is 5 units (I gave him 5 last night and it seemed to hold him well)...thx!

remember to turn on all of the airconditioners..esp. the bunny room!!!


Brenda Mc

Yeah Preacher is amazing - so relaxed, and friendly. He was laying on the kitchen bed with Squirt for awhile today; and also gave Bo a swat in the face when he pushed his big head a little too close. Bo got the message loud and clear. Lovely, pretty cat.
Erin, (and other staff), I will be dropping the spare air conditioner off tomorrow afternoon to put in the shop (Brent, I have labelled it as "backup air conditioner for Carol's bedroom" as you requested). I would have had it there today, but my van wouldn't start, and it was only after I'd borrowed my roommates' truck and was on my way, that I remembered it was still in my van! Just so you know who it is when you see a grey van coming in the driveway tomorrow. Oh, and I hope Odie's frontleg is ok after his scuffle with Jake today out by the barn. He had quite a bad limp later on.


Preacher is adorable!! What a nice guy and wow you weren't kidding when you said he's making himself at home. Great cat! Welcome to saints. :)

Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent will locate NEW air conditioner - TAG it and put it in the shop for future use. If you are on site today check in with Brent so he knows exactly which unit it is.
We have pears diced super small for Gideon. Usually he loves them. Hope he is feeling like eating them this morning.
Don't forget to check your bathroom later today - Brent will put your bath/spa products in your bathroom when he is finished your lock. I think you need them.
Brent has the new window for the pot-bellies to install this morning as well.