Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2013

shaking my head here.

I can't settle and sleep so I get up to have a glass of milk.
I open the fridge door and preacher jumps in.

I don't mean he puts his front feet in to have a peek or anything..i mean that freaking cat jumped into the fridge and totally disappeared behind things.

he is such an utter joy to have around but thank god his diarrhea is done cuz I would have been somewhat upset if he dribbled some poop in there!

this little broken cat is going to be a ton of fun!

methinks I should have named the little preacher bugger "the sinner."


shelagh f

I think I see why the vet did not want to give up
on this cat. Sounds like a real character. Imagine
if he had full use of his legs!

another Doreen

Poor little survivor, he probably smelled food in the fridge and went for it. He must think he is in Heaven with all the "free" food and no one chasing him away or hunting him!


Oh carol, I have some towels, flannel bed sheets and a scratching post that we are not taking with us to Malaysia. Can I drop off to Saints this week?


Too cute. Hop Jenn gets a picture up of him. He sound like a sweetie.
Will see him next week