Rescue Journal

quick updates, then i gotta go hang out with the new boy.

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2013

preacher was quite a hit personality plus.

boomer is here....head shy, never been inside a house before. this dog will be a runner if he gets out. he is to stay in my room for now. he is a sweet but cautious boy...he can go out on a leash into the fenced yard only for pee breaks. hopefully he settles and gets the hang of home style living pretty soon.
thx dawn for picking him up!!!

odie and jake got into a scrap over a pile of manure..looks to me like jakey won cuz he didn't shed any blood. odie however took a deep scrape to the leg. he is on antibiotics since he won't let me clean it for him.

Gideon...ah Gideon. most definitely perkier today, quite eager to eat apples and pears. he was pushing and bossing KO around trying to get her to move faster. tonight he ate all of his fruit and then some of his soaked hay cubes..i can see him in the cameras eating some of his mash now so that is better.
so I am thinking he is feeling better cuz we upped his pain meds. he has gone from 3 units per day to 5 units twice a day..a significant increase but it is seeming to work.

anyway..he has that interest in being stubborn and bossy and getting his way again. I think I will get the vets out to check him over tomorrow and see what they say. he is still emaciated and weak..that hasn't yet changed. but last year at this time and the year before, and the year before that, I thought we were at the end and was talking about euth'ing and here he is a year, two, three, later.

bottom line..he can look like shit if he wants..the horse is like 106 in human years BUT he has to feel like life is still worth living or there is no point in carrying on.
I am putting us in a holding pattern..i want to have the vets look at him, I want to talk to them and I want to see what Gideon wants.

here we go on the roller you Gideon..i will do whatever it is that you want.


janet nicholson

Keep rockin, Gideon, old boy - keep on rockin! Looking forward to Boomer's story.


He was such a gentleman today in the car. I told him we were going to a special place, he looked out the window the whole time. Definitely did not want to go inside, Beggin' strips did the trick!


Hi Carol, did anyone let you know Gabby is wheezing and sounds horrible? Preacher is precious! He likes his loving and quite playful. I did not see Ebony today. Hope Boomer settles in quickly and look forward to meeting him next week. Hope you have a peaceful week and Giddeon continues to feel better.

Bunny Horne

Carol, just an FYi - Ali and I fiddled with the mud ponds for Brad, Wilbur and Charlotte. Brad's is deeper and he was more than cooperative. Wilbur not so much. He insisted on sitting in the pond while I dug around him and tried to reposition the rubber liner. Just so you know, the water we used to fill both ponds came from one of the rain water barrel at the shop closest to the dump bin. We did NOT use the paid for water in the white tanks or your well water.