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family dog

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2013

when I got the email about boomer..i was expecting to get a sporty buddy type dog...what arrived is a cross between puff and an oversized shitz with less hair. he is some kind of corgi/terrier cross but with so many varied kinds of terrier out there... I expected him to look totally different then he is.

anyway..he is not exactly handsome but he is sort of cute.

good morning preacher...get off my keyboard, I am trying to type.

so the story on boomer is the same as on hundreds of northern village dogs. unneutered male running around the village, never allowed in the house. he got neutered recently on one of the cheap/free northern sterilization sweeps but shortly after that his family who never let him in the house anyway, decided they did not want him anymore for some reason. I hope it wasn't because he no longer had balls.

preacher, get off my keyboard please!

he is typical to free roaming northern village dogs in that he is well socialized and very polite. but he is also typical in that he is somewhat cautious, unsure and head shy. free roaming village dogs are not always treated very nice.

boomers story isn't so sad because someone beat the crap out of him, had him chained for years on end, or left him scrabbling for food in garbage cans. he was left outside to fend for himself for 9 or 10 harsh northern winters, but he did survive.
to me his story is sad because for 9+ or- years, he actually had a family who pretty much didn't in any way, give a shit about him and then just gave him away.

in the long is better for boomer that this is what they did. but they didn't do it because it was better for him, they did it because it was better for them.

I don't know what it is like to live a whole life without anyone giving a shit about me. we made dogs to want us to love them, to need us to be with them, safe inside our families. so I don't know what it is like to be made like that, and then to forever be denied that....seems pretty mean to me.

anyway, whatever, your past life of no one caring is done...welcome to the saints boomer where all dogs get to be part of the family. we embrace everyone!



I call these older survivor reservation dogs 'the opposite of spoiled'. Like you say Carol, they are naturally polite and courteous to the humans around them as to do otherwise would have been asking for trouble in the village. They are precious gems and their families loss, is their new human partners gain! I think Boomer firmly falls into the 'so homely, he's adorable' catagory? Don't you think?

Ellen Nickerson

I worked 3 summers in Resolute Bay NU so have seen this first hand and it just amazes me how those dogs keep making it winter after winter.Sometimes I almost felt like the lucky ones were taken to the dump and shot.


Please give Boomer a hug (if he'll tolerate that) and a Cooke from me. His story is something I see way too much of here. We call them 'Rez dogs' here, I'm sure I know exactly what Boomer looks like. Poor babe. I'm gladhe will get to know love and care now, so many never do.

And Preacher.....your awesome! Keep up you happy cat antics!