Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2013

boomer had a bath today...thx erin and renee! he looks and feels so much better and his greyish, dingy, beigy parts are once again white!

he was happy to see me tonight..wagging his tail and coming up to say hello but still cringes and ducks his head when I go to touch him,,,hopefully he will get over that soon.
he seems pretty comfortable with all of the bedroom and big dog room guys so that is good.

the vet came out to see Gideon...who continues to do much better than he was on Saturday. the vet is ok with how he is now, bright, interested and perky again. we can keep him on the increased doses of pain meds and wait and see how he does. he says gideon really can't afford to lose any more weight tho so I am switching his feeding up a bit to see if we can get him to eat more reliably and consistently.
everyone please follow his current directions carefully (and pay attention to any updates on his feeding regime) so I can consistently assess how he is doing based on all of us doing exactly the very same thing. it doesn't work all that great if everyone individually on their own gets creative...then we don't know what is working or not.

hopefully with some luck and good team work, we can pull him thru another of his annual spring and early summertime slumps. he is not ready to pack it in so we just keep going and hoping we can help him figure this new one out.

i re-fed him when i got home cuz he wasn't eating his dinner and i can see him going at it pretty good in the cameras right now. I will go out and check his bowl in a bit and give him some more dinner again if he wants some. i think overflowing bowls of food were overwhelming him and too hard for him to eat as they got packed down so we are feeding him less at a time so it is easier for him to move his food around with his lips in the bowl and offering repeated small helpings until he says he is done.

for the really is not just WHAT you can be HOW you feed. old human folks don't like overflowing plates of food either..small frequent meals are less overwhelming and work better for them too.

horses as ancient as our shining white knight are a heck of a lot of work.

looks like preachers stools are loose again..i am seeing his poop smeared every where again...oh freaking yay.

2 new incoming this week...a 12 yr old deaf, kid snapping cocker and an elderly look a like mini me with rotten teeth who's elderly owner has gone into care.

i called down to LA and left a message for an update on the dogs. if they aren't coming then there are a couple of others on our want to get in here list that we do have some room for.

i think that is all of the news from today.



Good news about Gideon, glad to hear he is doing better.

Carol, I have a big bran of bran that was barely used that I keep meaning to ask you if you want it. Let me know and I can drop it off at the barn on the weekend. Not sure if you have an empty can in the feed room