Rescue Journal

yay and whew!!

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2013

new old sheep coming in!!! ever since caroline died, i have been waiting for a new one to need us because i don't like just having 2 sheep. and the reason for this is, our sheep are seniors and flock animals and you absolutely do not ever want one of them to die and leave the other one all alone. suddenly single sheep are devastated!

anyway..i put the word out there with our vets and shearer when caroline passed but no one showed up. i reminded kevin our shearer when he was here last week and low and behold baby is in need! she is a 12 yr old left over from a family's 4H days. she had a senior sheep sister but she died in a bear attack yesterday ....(rest in peace poor sweet thing.) anyway, baby is very upset and very lonely already so her dad who knew kevin just called and asked if baby could join annie and Elizabeth here . i said yes cuz i have patiently been waiting for a third senior sheep in need to join our little farm.

and certainly baby will feel safer and more at ease in a little threesome flock then she will if made to live all by herself. plus no bear will ever get her here because she will sleep safely inside of our very sturdy barn and we have bear proof fences and a ton of barking dogs so the bears stay away from here!

carl is going to be so pissed off...he hates new sheep. he watches over them carefully but he thinks sheep are dumb so he is always pissed off when i slip a new one in that he has to sheep-sit. seriously..he tried to pound Elizabeth to dust the first few days she was here..i couldn't let him anywhere near her. but i think in retrospect that was because she had a black face cuz he never went after caroline or grammy. maybe he thought that a black faced sheep was dangerously weird. hmmm...i am thinking carl may be sheep color biased. i should have asked if baby was white.
whatever, he forgets they are new regardless of color.....eventually.

anyway..hopefully she comes while i am on days off cuz introducing new sheep to our existing girls is not as easy as you might think. sheep are funny about these things. but the good news is the little dears are not overly bright so they too forget rather quickly that someone is new. we are talking about our sheep who have lived together day after day forever and still start head butting and having a fit for an hour or two when they get sheared every year because they do not recognize each other without their wool. and the really funny thing is they WATCH each other get sheared and they STILL can't figure out who that other sheep is!!!

that murdering bear better not come back for baby before she gets here!



I use Baby as a term of endearment..not a name..but hey I grew up with the family dog we ended up naming "puppy" cuz a real name was never decided on..worse part is..we ended up calling her "poo-dog" I loved her very much...Tina reminds me of her.

Welcome Baby(girl) look forward to meeting you :-)


sorry mo...she has been baby for 12 years, she is coming from a kind and caring home. she just lost her friend and her familiar home, she can at least keep the name she knows.

I hear you calling the horses and dogs 'baby" all the time anyway so you must like it deep down somewhere!


I Love our sheep.. Is there anyway we can call her something other than baby.. how about Gabby..sounds close & really... Baby.. I will have to put girl after baby if she keeps her name.

janet nicholson

Carl is going to have another one to watch over - after he decides she belongs - too funny to think about him trying to stomp Caroline - not a good protector, Carl.It is going to drive him mad trying to keep 3 of them in line - and welcome Baby.